'Looney Tunes Cartoons': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about the classic Warner Bros franchise's revival

'Looney Tunes Cartoons': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about the classic Warner Bros franchise's revival
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"What's up, Doc?" Our favorite characters from the Warner Bros cartoon franchise are reuniting!  Bugs Bunny, Tweet Bird, Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam and more will appear on the new 'Looney Tunes Cartoons' series and it is going to be fantastic.

The new series will resonate with the classical Looney Tunes theatrical shorts, featuring the characters in simple, short and witty set of animated stories. Here's all you need to know about the news series.


Release date

'Looney Tunes Cartoons' is slated to release on May 27 on HBO Max. 


'Looney Tunes Cartoons' is one of the very first HBO Max original series. It comprises 80 eleven-minute episodes, each an animated short that varies in length and plot. The storylines are adapted to the current audiences and fans can also look forward to some holiday-themed specials.

However, the new series will be a fresh perspective to the characters as it abandons the original Looney Tunes production, in that, each eleven-minute short is created by a different artist and art style. 


Warner Bros Animation announced that they would be creating a new series that would "consist of 1,000 minutes spread across 1–6-minute shorts", in July 2018. The series was slated to be released in 2019.

It would feature "the brand's marquee characters voiced by their current voice actors in simple gag-driven and visually vibrant stories".  The animation style of the series was to echo that pf Tex Avery, Chuck Jones, Friz Freleng, Robert Kimson, Bob Clampett and others from the original franchise.  


The original Looney Tunes cartoon and its original sister series Merrie Melodies ran from 1930 to 1960 and was produced by Warner Bros. The popularity of the cartoon, and its characters also sparked a variety of spin-off television shows and feature films.

Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and the rest of the Looney Tunes gang will join NBA star, LeBron James, in 'Space Jam: A New Legacy' which scheduled to release in 2021. The film will be a follow-up to the 1996 Michael Jordan starter 'Space Jam'.



The following is a list of the shorts that will comprise the series: 

Dynamite Dance:  Bugs Bunny tries to steer clear of Elmer Fudd, but this time he's well prepared and has a weapon at his disposal, just in case - dynamite. The short is accompanied by a background score which is a segment from the Italian ballet 'Dance of the Hours'.


Mummy Dummy: Bugs mistakes his vacation spot with an ancient tomb. 

Wet Cement: The ever-mischievous Daffy Duck monkeys with Porky Pig by messing with his newly laid wet cement

Basket Bugs:  Bugs and a bully battle it out in a basketball game. 

Sick as a Hare: Elmer and Bugs are at it again. Elmer wants to cook the "scwewy wabbit", however Bugs pretends to be sick so his antithesis is forced to nurse him back to goof health before he is stew. 


TNT Trouble: The chase is on. Wile E Coyote is as ambitious as ever and trying to catch the Roadrunner with the help of his 'ACME' line of explosives.

Pain in the Ice: Tweety Bird 'tawt I taw a puddy tat' when Sylvester the Cat appears. 

The Curse of the Monkey Bird: Daffy and Porky join forces to scour out a cursed treasure in a temple deep within a jungle. 


Pitcher Porky: Daffy plays the friend in need to help Porky win a baseball game against the Gas-House Gorillas when he breaks his harm.

Pest Coaster: Bugs finds himself in an amusement park, run by Yosemite Sam, his long-time adversary. He gets excited to ride the rollercoaster tagged the 'Murderizer' but gets thrown out because Sam has a list of indignant policies including 'No Rabbits'. However, Bugs is not deterred and tries to get on the ride, and chaos ensues.


Arm Wrestling Championship: Bugs and Yosemite Sam arm-wrestle in a very competitive match. 

Buzzard Skool: TBA

Firehouse Frenzy: TBA

Bubble Dum:  TBA

Big League Beast: TBA

Boo! AppeTweet: TBA

The first 10 shorts in the list were debuted at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival in June 2019. The showing garnered positive reactions and was described as being true to the spirit of the classic Looney Tunes shorts.


Oneofus, a movie review site critiqued, "While only time will tell if these shorts will become classics, they decidedly will be seen as a noble attempt to bring the “Looney” back into Looney Tunes.

The cartoons are manic, beautifully animated, and feature amazing voice acting. Even the music tries to recapture the spirit of the originals." The characters haven't strayed from their personalities from the old '30s and '40s shorts.



Bob Bergen as Porky Pig

Bob Bergen arrives at the Television Academy's Performers Peer Group Celebration at Saban Media Center on August 25, 2019, in North Hollywood, California (Getty Images)

Jeff Bergman as Sylvester the Cat, Foghorn Leghorn, Ralph Wolf and Elmer Fudd


Jeff Bergman (IMDb)

Fred Tatasciore as  Yosemite Sam, Gossamer, Birdmonkey, Taz


Fred Tatasciore attends the 2018 WIRED Cafe at Comic-Con presented by AT&T Audience Network at Omni Hotel on July 20, 2018, in San Diego, California (Getty Images)

Eric Bauza as Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, Pepé Le Pew, Daffy Duck and Marvin the Martian


Eric Bauza attends the World Premiere of Disney's "Dumbo" at the El Capitan Theatre on March 11, 2019, in Los Angeles, California (Getty Images)

Paul Julian as Road Runner (archive audio)

Paul Julian (IMDb)


Candy Milo as Granny

Candy Milo (IMDb)

Kari Wahlgren as Lady and Baby Doll


Actress Kari Wahlgren attends the premiere of Open Road Films' 'The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature' at Regal Cinemas L.A. Live on August 5, 2017, in Los Angeles, California (Getty Images)


Michael Ruocco as Beaky Buzzard

The cast for the voices of the following are yet to be announced: Cecil Turtle, Hubie, Bertie, The Gremlin, Wile E. Coyote, Petunia Pig, Pete Puma, Cicero "Pinky" Pig, The Gashouse Gorillas, Mad Scientist


Sam Register and Peter Browngardt (Getty Images)


Sam Register, President of Warner Bros. Animation and creator of 'Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi' will serve as executive producer for the series alongside Peter Browngardt, creator of 'Secret Mountain Fort Awesome' and 'Uncle Grandpa.'




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