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'Look what he did to me!' Salvador Ramos's grandma ran screaming into street after being shot in the face

A neighbor recalled how Gonzales, covered in blood, stepped out of her home and ran toward him and his wife after they heard gunshots at her home
Gonzales was in a critical condition after the bullet entered her cheek, shattered her teeth, and exited under her ear (GoFundMe)
Gonzales was in a critical condition after the bullet entered her cheek, shattered her teeth, and exited under her ear (GoFundMe)

A neighbor of Uvalde shooter Salvador Ramos has said that he saw the gunman's grandmother run out of her home covered in blood after being shot by him. Ramos shot his grandmother Celia Gonzales, 66, before heading out to Robb Elementary school to slaughter 19 children and two teachers.

Speaking with the Daily Mail, the neighbor, Gilberto Gallegos, 82, said that he was gardening with his wife Maria, 76, in their front yard when they heard gunshots from Gonzales' home. "Soon after [we heard] gunshots, Ramos ran out of the house carrying some bags and jumped into his grandmother's truck," Gallegos said. "I thought it was strange because he doesn't know how to drive." He recalled how Ramos sped off after seemingly having some difficulty with the truck in the beginning.


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Moments later, Gonzales, covered in blood, stepped out of her home and ran towards them. "She was delirious and in obvious pain," Gallegos said. "Celia then said to me: "Look at what he did to me!"' She never mentioned his name, but my wife and I knew who she was talking about, her grandson, Salvador."

Gallegos immediately helped Gonzales with a towel and brought her to safety. He quickly took her to the backyard area of his home and kept her safe while his wife called 911. "She was in shock and blood was everywhere," Gallegos said. "I did the best I could." Gallegos stayed with Gonzales in the back porch area until law enforcement arrived and air-lifted her to a hospital in San Antonio. At present, she remains there, recovering in the ICU. 

Relatives said that Gonzales was in a critical condition after being shot in the face as the bullet entered her cheek, shattered her teeth, and exited under her ear. She is now recovering but may never be able to talk again. A close friend of the family told New York Post that Gonzales worked at the school as a teacher’s aide.

A deadly massacre unfolded at Robb Elementary school in Uvalde on May 24 when 18-year-old Salvador Ramos barricaded himself inside a classroom and slaughtered 19 students and two teachers. Police have faced sharp criticism for allegedly failing to stop the shooting quickly enough and come to the victims' rescue on time. In fact, a victim bled to death as she waited for police to come to the rescue, a first-responder allegedly told her mother. The child reportedly waited for nearly an hour for cops to arrive, but eventually succumbed to her injuries possibly because of the delay. The first-responder reportedly claimed her child may have lived if the police had been quicker. It was reported that they did not breach the school for more than 90 minutes after arriving on the campus where Salvador Ramos was ruthlessly killing the children.

Young adults stand looking at a memorial at Robb Elementary School (Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

Ramos was shot dead by a hero off-duty Customs and Border Protection agent from an elite tactical unit. The agent killed Ramos before his evil rampage could claim more lives. Police officials from the Texas Department of Public Safety, US Customs and Border Protection, and various other local agencies responded to the deadly shooting in the small town located about 60 miles east of the Mexico border on Tuesday, May 24. The agent, a member of CBP’s Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC), rushed to the school while Ramos was still actively carrying out the massacre. The agent began exchanging rounds with the gunman, who was reportedly barricaded inside a fourth-grade classroom. Law enforcement told NBC that the officer was injured in the attack, but managed to kill the shooter before more innocent lives were taken.