'London Kills' season 2: Writer Paul Marquess sheds some light on whether David Bradford's wife is dead or alive

At the end of season 1, we came to know that the main psychopath murderer this season - Amber - hasn't 'murdered' Bradford's wife.

                             'London Kills' season 2: Writer Paul Marquess sheds some light on whether David Bradford's wife is dead or alive

Acorn TV's first original murder mystery, 'London Kills,' premiered on the network's streaming platform just a fortnight ago on February 25, and since then has had us buzzing about the twisted murders and the teasing cliffhanger the show's first season ended on.

While lead actor Hugo Speer confirmed exclusively to us that they are done shooting the following five episodes of Season 2 too, at this point, the burning question remains what to expect from the plot and Speer's mysterious character, DI David Bradford.

Right from the start, the five-episode Season 1 has established that Bradford is a complex character, beyond the secretive privacy his profession calls for. Set in London - one of the busiest cities of the world - Bradford and his elite group of the city's finest detectives solve a murder in each new episode, as the themes keep getting darker, and somehow all the murders start showing a common connection.

In the background, however, there's also the serialized plot of Bradford's wife having been missing for the last three months - something he doesn't want to openly talk about.

At the end of Season 1, that is episode number five, what we do come to know is that the main psychopath murderer this season - Amber (Jennie Jacques) - hasn't 'murdered' Bradford's wife. That being said, there has been no confirmation on whether she is still just missing, or as Bradford's colleague DC Vivienne Cole (Sharon Small) likes to put it, dead. But writer Paul Marquess, who is also known for his work on 'Hollyoaks' and 'Crime Stories', had some insight to offer on the topic in an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide(MEAWW).

"In season two, you finally find out what happened to David's wife," Marquess revealed.

Laughing, he continued that as a fan "you've got to keep watching, as it's all explained in season 2," before revealing how it's a given fact that Amber did not kill Bradford's wife.

"As you know, Amber didn't kill her. Even as an early episode viewer, you just know she didn't." No definitely. Having said that, he also teased that "there's a much more interesting arc coming up" and that only adds to the curiosity of a viewer because the latent question here is, if not Amber, then who?



However, there's no denying the possibility of Amber being connected to it because at one point, she was spotted with Bradford's missing wife's purse. Also, in the intense final minutes of the first season, we go deeper into Amber's psyche and find out the inherent issues of abandonment and parental mistreatment she suffered at the hands of her stepdad.

By the end of the episode, it becomes quite clear that Amber knew more about the dynamics of Bradford and his wife's seemingly strained marriage than anybody else did. Now with Amber jumping off the balcony to her own death, a whole pool of possibilities regarding Bradford's wife has opened. Did she go missing on her own accord or was she one of Amber's many victims and taken hostage by the psychotic killer? 

Also, with Amber out of the scene, there's much scope for a new killer in town, looming in to take her place. And if the confirmations regarding her having not killed Bradford's wife are to be believed, then we know there's a lot more secretive cat-and-mouse play coming in the soon to be arriving second season.