Will Loki suffer heartbreak in finale? SHOCKING theory predicts it could change him forever

Will Loki suffer heartbreak in finale? SHOCKING theory predicts it could change him forever
Tom Hiddleston as Loki and Sophia Di Martino as Sylvie in 'Loki' (Disney+)

There have been a lot of speculations on how ‘Loki’ would end. Some say Kang the Conquerer will be making an appearance for the first time in MCU or Miss Minutes will be revealed as the true villain on the series. However, there is someone that people should not forget about: Sylvie. The character, played by the supremely talented Sophia Di Martino, is still a mystery.

Although we got to know a lot about her, there are many shades of her that we haven’t seen, nor we know much about her Nexus event.


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The latest theory suggests that Loki (Tom Hiddleston) might be in for heartbreak in the finale. According to our theory, Sylvie has been using and manipulating the God of Mischief the entire time they have been together. We believe that the castle we saw at the end of Episode 5 may not be Castle Doom or a place where TVA’s secret leader exists. But, it is a place where Marvel supervillain Kang is imprisoned so that he doesn’t wreak havoc in the universe.


Sophia Di Martino as Sylvie in 'Loki' (Disney+)


There might be a chance that Sylvie knows about this and intends to free him before annihilating the TVA completely. We all know how Loki has matured over the course of five episodes. He has come out of his trickster persona and become soft-hearted. Without any doubt, Sylvie has played a very significant role in doing it and that’s the reason it will be such a massive heartbreak for him.

Although her betrayal to Loki would destroy his character growth and everything he has learned so far. It will make a version of himself who might not be able to trust anyone again. However, if the theory turns out to be true, then it would also confirm two massive theories that are doing rounds. One of the theories that would be confirmed is Kang being the villain while it would also be proved that Evil Loki or King Loki will also be labeled as one of the bad guys.


A still from 'Loki' (Disney+)

We know King Loki will be making an appearance in the finale and might be a part of the plan all along. The aforementioned theory is one of the many theories that suggest where the finale could head to. But the writers at Marvel are intelligent and know how to end a series. ‘Loki’ has been one of those shows that will give you shocking revelations with each passing episode and the finale might not be anything different.

So, it will be interesting to see if Marvel thinks of breaking Loki’s heart during the finale.

‘Loki’ returns for Season Finale on Disney+ on Wednesday, July 14 at 3 am ET.


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