Who is Logan Paul's girlfriend? From Josie Canseco to Jessica Serfaty, here's the full list

Logan Paul has also dated Alissa Violet, who was his brother, Jake Paul's ex-girlfriend

                            Who is Logan Paul's girlfriend? From Josie Canseco to Jessica Serfaty, here's the full list
Logan Paul has quite a long list of ex-girlfriends (Instagram/@loganpaul)

Floyd Mayweather returned to the ring on Sunday, June 6 to fight YouTube star Logan Paul. While there was no winner in the bout, Paul won many hearts as he fought off Mayweather for 8 rounds without being knocked out. Now, his fans want to know who is this young handsome man dating.

During his pre-fight media appearance, the 26-year-old discussed his love life, his dream lady and family hopes. Logan Paul told The Times: "I’ve come to realize I’m a hopeless romantic and I may never find love. Two boys, one girl. The girl is gonna be the youngest so her brothers will protect her. I have a list. Do you want to hear it?" After finding the Girlfriend Qualities note on his phone, he proceeded: "Wit, confidence, intelligence, opinionated, empathetic. A self-aware, active listener, sexually deviant, talented, worldly, foresight, insightful, attractive, curious and most importantly of all, not a f**king lunatic." He added: "I’m starting to think this list is unrealistic. Do you think this person exists? I’ve probably got 90-95 percent of this list. Ironically, the one I probably haven’t mastered is ‘not a f**king lunatic’.”


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Currently, Logan Paul is not dating anyone, but here is the list of all the women he has dated in the past:

Josie Canseco

His most recent girlfriend was Josie Canseco, the daughter of former baseball player Jose Canseco. Josie, a former Playboy Playmate and Victoria's Secret model remained in an on and off relationship with Paul throughout 2020 and they reportedly broke up in November 2020. In January 2020, TMZ announced that Canseco was dating Logan after moving on from Brody Jenner. At the time, the outlet wrote, “Josie and Logan are already crossing milestones, they were spotted together for the first time Sunday at the famous Rose Bowl flea market. That’s a huge step as far as dating in LA goes... we know it sounds lame, but it’s a thing.”


While no details have been publicly revealed, Josie's father Jose is clearly no fan of Logan after tweeting in November 2020 "I will fight anyone of the Logan Brothers they have enough for anyone with any type of talent yet or fighting skills". Logan replied "no problem. i love smashing cansecos."





Corinna Kopf

Logan was in a casual relationship with Instagram model and YouTuber Corinna Kopf in 2019. Born in Palatine, Illinois in December 1995, the influencer has more than 1.76 million YouTube subscribers to her channel, where she shares vlogs, beauty and lifestyle videos.


The couple was spotted getting cozy at a LA Lakers game in 2019, which sparked rumors that they were dating.

Chloe Bennet

Back in 2018, there were reports that Logan was dating actress Chloe Bennet, after meeting on the set of 'Valley Girl'. Born in Chicago, Illinois as Chloe Wang, she's best known for playing the character of Daisy Johnson in Marvel's 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D' (2013-2020).


The couple was even spotted kissing while on holiday in Hawaii and their relationship was confirmed in July 2018. The relationship lasted for only three months.

Amanda Cerny

Famous TikTok star, Instagram model and YouTuber Amanda Cerny also dated Paul. The couple posted a number of videos and photos online, setting some major couple goals. Cerny has also appeared in films like, 'The Babysitter: Killer Queen' (2020), 'Rim of the World' (2019) and 'The Deleted' (2016).


The couple started dating in 2016 and documented their relationship on their social media channels. They broke up somewhere in 2017.

Jessica Serfaty

Paul's longest relationship was with actress Jessica Serfaty. The couple dated for two years between 2014-2016. The reason behind their breakup is still not revealed.


Serfaty, who was born in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1991, is best known for her roles in 'The Ride' (2018), 'Ryde' (2017) and 'FML' (2016). Before dating Paul, Serfaty was married to property manager Idia Serfaty between 2008-2013.

Teala Dunn

Logan and Teala Dun were filmed kissing in numerous YouTube videos, before their big fake "marriage" stunt for viewers.


Born in December 1996 in New Jersey, Dunn is an actress and YouTuber, with over 1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, where she posts beauty and lifestyle videos as well as her kissing guys. Dunn is known for her role in the TBS sitcom 'Are We There Yet?'

Alissa Violet

Logan Paul dated his brother Jake Paul's ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet briefly in 2017. Violet is also a YouTuber, model and actress. She and Jake Paul dated between 2016-2017.


After their breakup, Violet accused Jake of mental and emotional abuse. It is not known for how long Logan dated Violet or what was the reason behind their breakup.

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