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'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022: Logan Palmer goes all in with Kate, fans baffled as he becomes center of 'Geometry Beach'

'I’m trying to figure out how Logan and Kate dropped their partners and fell in love after a single conversation at 10pm last night,' said a fan
UPDATED OCT 25, 2022
Logan and Kate in 'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022 (ABC)
Logan and Kate in 'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022 (ABC)

VALLARTA, MEXICO: Logan opted to go all in with Kate on the October 24 episode of 'Bachelor in Paradise,' after previously building connections with Shanae and Sarah. Bachelor Nation is baffled as they try to figure out how he keeps making new connections with girls every week and becomes the center of the 'Geometry Beach' as put by Johnny. Johnny dubbed Paradise "geometry beach" thanks to the numerous love triangles and squares that were forming

Logan Palmer and Kate Gallivan are 'Bachelor in Paradise's sexiest new pair. They did, however, have to shatter some hearts along the way. Logan and Shanae Ankney first met and went on a date before giving each other roses at the first two rose ceremonies. During the split week, when Shanae was away, Logan went on a date with Sarah Hamrick, who is also one of Kate's close friends. Likewise, after Kate's arrival, Logan's close buddy, Jacob Rapini, spent a lot of time with her.


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However, a late-night talk between Logan and Kate revealed that they were interested in each other. "This is so tough to navigate," Kate said. "On the one hand, I do have a lot of fun with Jacob. There’s enough chemistry to make out with him and talk to him and laugh with him, but it just feels different with Logan. Jacob’s completely unaware. I just feel so dodgy and secretive, and I hate that feeling."

Sarah and Jacob were initially unaware of what was going on between Logan and Kate. Jacob was even willing to set aside his past connection with Jill Chin in order to pursue Kate. When Kate received a date card, she had to inform Jacob that she was interested in somebody else. "I think you’re great," Kate said to Jacob. "Obviously, I’m attracted to you. I love your energy, I love how sunny and positive you are. I think you have such a good soul and I definitely connect with you. I want to just be forthcoming with how I’m feeling. Ever since last night, I’m feeling like there may be a stronger connection with someone else. And that someone else is Logan."

Although Jacob was unhappy, he urged Kate to do her thing. She asked Logan on a date once she received the go-ahead, and he agreed. He didn't draw Sarah aside for a talk until after he said yes. Logan apologized, "I’m sorry that things happened in this order." Out of all the conversations I was planning on having, the date card kind of threw a wrench in it. I still want to talk to you. Our date was amazing, and I really think that. I meant everything I said and, honestly, Kate pulled me a side for a conversation, and we discovered that he had a connection that we hadn’t explored. I didn’t plan on it or expect it, and it has made things complicated. I just hope that me going on this date and me having that talk doesn’t make you think that our date didn’t mean a lot to me because it did. I really do think you’re great, and you’re so easy to talk to. If you feel like you do have something to say, you can always say it to me."

Sarah, on the other hand, refused to speak and went away in tears. "I’m getting upset now because it just starts eating away at me and starts becoming insulting or humiliating," Sarah revealed in a confessional. After realizing this, Sarah decided to focus some of her attention on Jacob to see if there was a connection there. They began to bond over their common experience with Kate and Logan. Kate and Logan, on the other hand, had a sizzling and passionate spa date. They were dedicated to one another by the end of their one-on-one time together.

Logan and Kate in 'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022 (ABC)
Logan and Kate in 'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022 (ABC)

Of course, there's the Shanae factor to consider as well. At this moment, Shanae and the other original girls were still separated from the guys. Shanae had gone on a date with Tyler Norris, but she was still thinking about Logan.

Trying to figure out how Kate and Logan bonded, a fan wrote: "I’m trying to figure out how Logan and Kate dropped their partners and fell in love after a single conversation at 10pm last night." Slamming Logan another fan wrote: "I'm not looking to be someone who goes on a Lotta dates" - logan, on his 3rd date of the week." Mad at how newbies Rick and Olu had to leave the show after one episode as they failed to form any connection, a viewer wrote: "Logan is truly one of the most unhinged people I have ever seen & I am truly SO CONFUSED. Logan???? Is in a love octagon??? but Olu??? and Rick??? got sent home??? what the actual fuck is going on." Even Logan's former connection Sarah shared her thought in a tweet while the episode was still airing: "the way that Kate could talk to Jacob before but Logan didn’t say sh*t to me."





Fans are convinced that the date card given to Kate just the time when she was about to jump boats from Jacob to Logan was a classic move from the producers: "The devil works hard but bachelor producers work HARDER not the Kate date card when Jacob has NO idea about Logan." On the other hand, a viewer called out Sarah as they write: "I think it’s ridiculous that Sarah is so upset about Logan going out with Kate when she was perfectly fine with Logan “leaving” Shenae to date her." Some fans also find Kate's wanna-be-villain arc unbearable: "Im already done with Kate. Shes just doing too much. Shes trying too hard to be the “villain” or whatever it is she wants to be. #bachelorinparadise." One viewer also tweeted: "Logan will come to regret dumping Shanae for Kate, guaranteed!"





'Bachelor in Paradise' airs on ABC on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 pm.

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