'Locked Up' aka 'Vis-a-Vis: El Oasis': Season 5 spinoff has viewers saying they 'came back with depression'

'Locked Up' aka 'Vis-a-Vis: El Oasis': Season 5 spinoff has viewers saying they 'came back with depression'
Najwa Nimri as Zulema in 'Vis a Vis: El Oasis' (Netflix)

Spoilers for 'Locked Up' aka 'Vis-a-Vis: El Oasis' Season 5

Alex Pina's 'Orange Is the New Black' type all women-centric prison drama 'Vis-a-Vis' finally comes to an end with an extended spinoff slash Season 5 titled 'El Oasis'. Recently premiered on Netflix with eight brand new episodes, it's the very ending of the saga, also known as 'Locked Up' that seemed to have managed to piss off fans. Probably it's the character death in the end, or the whole idea of a spin-off not being all that appealing, some viewers have even taken to social media to claim they 'came back with depression' after watching the final episodes.

'El Oasis' sees ex-convicts Macarena and Zulema reunite one last time after they both got out of prison. Macarena comes to pick Zulema up the day she gets out and together they realize killing and robbing the rich is the only way to lead life post lock-up. Their gig doesn't really last long with Macarena soon getting tired of this life and deciding to give up Zulema to the cops. But her plan falls apart right after their joint plan of pulling off one last heist, also falls apart. The two were going to rob a $20 million tiara from a druglord's place on the night of his daughter's wedding, but the plan doesn't go as smoothly as they had planned. They end up having to take the daughter hostage, thus sparking off war between our gang of ex-convicts and the cartel.

In the end, the two and their gang are finally able to take out the cartel men but at the last moment, on their way to the getaway helicopter, Zulema decides to stay back and hold the rest of the cartel, while Macarena flees the scene. The devastating ending is both hurtful to ardent fans of Zulema, and kind of predictable to anybody who has seen Pina's other Spanish series 'Money Heist' or even AMC's 'Breaking Bad'. Probably what has prompted fans to discuss on social media just how depressing the whole hyped up spin off was.

"I watched vis a vis: el (dubbed) oasis, and came back with depression" shared one fan on Twitter. Another was prepared, as they wrote: "I started vis a vis el oasis knowing that I will be disappointed." For the most part, it was the dubbing that seemed to be a problem. "Watching El Oasis again just to see it dubbed, and I didn't even like it the first time I saw it," complained another angry viewer. For others, it was about the tragic ending Zulema succumbed to. "I started to see the oasis and every time I see Zulema I remember the end," wrote a fan, while another shared: "i ugly sobbed when vis a vis ended imagine me after money heist part 5. ruined!!" referring to Pina's other very similar show that has just been greenlit for its fifth and final season.

Some viewers straight up dissed the spin off though. "if you liked the el oasis ending, keep it to yourself that shit is embarrassing," they alarmed. 

'Locked Up' or 'Vis a Vis: El Oasis' is now available for streaming, only on Netflix.

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