'Legacies': Why there's more to Jenny Boyd's Lizzie Saltzman than meets the eye

Self-centered and entitled, it isn't surprising why Lizzie would land on your top 10 most annoying characters on 'Legacies'. However, there are more layers to her character

                            'Legacies': Why there's more to Jenny Boyd's Lizzie Saltzman than meets the eye

Like Klaus Mikaelson was at some point in 'The Vampire Diaries' universe, Lizzie Saltzman has become one of the most disliked characters on The CW's spin-off 'Legacies'. Self-centered and entitled, it isn't surprising why Lizzie would land on your top 10 most annoying characters on 'Legacies'. However, there's more to her than meets the eye and here's why.


Played by Jenny Boyd, Lizzie is the daughter of Alaric Saltzman, the headmaster of Salvatore School for the Young and the Gifted and the twin to Josie, who is the literal polar opposite of her character. While you see Josie doing the most goody-two-shoes things like helping her sister all the time and being the girl her dad can always count on, Lizzie never bothers with niceties.

If you draw a comparison, it is pretty obvious that Josie will be your favorite, after all, it is definitely harder to like someone who only thinks about themselves. However, there is a huge possibility that you're missing out on a core psychological trait — this is just Lizzie's defense mechanism, it's not who she entirely is.


Right from the beginning of the show, Lizzie has always been the twin with every issue under the sun. She cannot get enough attention, she is extremely jealous of literally everyone who is doing better at life and treats everyone around her terribly — especially her twin Josie. At the same time, she is a character with many layers — her need to have her father's approval and to live up to expectations she thinks he has from her is all that matters to Lizzie. She's not necessarily evil, just very misunderstood.


The similarities between Klaus and Lizzie are uncanny even though Hope is Klaus' daughter. All his life Klaus lived a life like Lizzie — he wanted to be loved, he wanted to be the most powerful and he wanted to be revered. When Josie ended up winning the election, her first response was that of disbelief and a feeling of betrayal. There was no joy in seeing Josie succeed and at first glance, it is enraging, on closer inspection, you realize it is just insecurities and nothing else.

Lizzie feels like Josie is already the better of the two and that perhaps she even feels like she will never be as powerful as Hope.

While she's potentially the leader of the Gemini Coven, one of the most powerful witch groups in the universe, she never feels like she's good enough. She tries to make up for the emptiness with a powerful date (alpha Rafael Waithe) or a snarky remark or two. She can actually be empathized with, to be honest.


She's also very brave and isn't afraid to put her life on the line to protect her family and the school — a trait that really goes unnoticed when talking about this twin. She faced an ancient gargoyle alone — and took the heat just so she could safeguard everyone else. She could have used the one chance to cast him off, but she decided to put others first. She could have died from the attack and was frozen for the longest time, but do we ever hear her bring that up? Never.

She's had a tragic backstory and although it doesn't justify most of her actions, it is important to understand where the character is coming from. Her mother was murdered when she was still in her womb and then when she did finally come into the world against all odds, her birth mother never stuck around. Although Caroline may be off looking for a cure for The Merge, Lizzie misses her mum terribly and it always puts her on the edge. She's also dealing with a bipolar disorder, even though the season hasn't fully explored it — there's a possibility that Lizzie uses her superiority complex to deal with how she feels about the mental illness. Her heart of gold will surely emerge sooner than you think!


Lizzie has her guard up all the time and she doesn't let people get close to her because that's the only thing she knows. She's shut out the bad, without realizing that she's also shutting out the good. There's an element of darkness coupled with pain in this character and there's a strong possibility that she will have a crazy story arc when the show returns after the fall break. Until then, if you don't think she's pure enough, don't make up your mind just yet.

'Legacies' episode 8 'Maybe I Should Start From The End' airs on January 24 at  9/8c on The CW.