'Legacies': Why Alaric Saltzman deserves more respect on the show

One of the most underrated characters on 'Legacies', Alaric Saltzman has a whole lot of past to be written in like a commoner on the show.

                            'Legacies': Why Alaric Saltzman deserves more respect on the show

Alaric Saltzman is one of the strongest characters on CW's 'Legacies' - unfortunately, we barely ever get to see it. Although he's always at the forefront of the battles fought, for some reason, his contributions get lost in translation. He's been a vampire, a Hunter, a former history teacher at Mystic Falls High School and as well as a former Enhanced Original in 'The Vampire Diaries' but in this story, he's nothing more than a teacher who no one ever pays any heed to. 




Alaric was so powerful at a point in 'The Vampire Diaries' that the Mikaelsons, who were the Original vampires decided to convert him into one of them - something that no other immortal outside of the Originals family had ever gone through - not even Marcel Gerard. Marcel was like a sibling to the Mikaelsons (except Rebecca, of course) and much closer than Alaric could ever be. Even then, he was the one chosen - simply because of how capable he was. So when will 'Legacies' ever tap into that hardcore strength for his story arc?  

The headmaster of the Salvatore School for the Young and the Gifted, Alaric doesn't get the credit he deserves in this 'The Vampire Diaries/The Originals' spin-off, for sure. In one of the previous episodes of 'Legacies', this season called 'Mombie Dearest' Alaric's story arc did see a little emotional addition. His wife, Josette Parker comes back from the dead in the episode and we see just how lonely he had been. He hugs his dead wife (he's well aware that she's probably a monster) and tells her that he feels like he's happy just to be with her. Their conversation makes it clear that Alaric's broken heart never healed.




Josette, who was a Gemini witch, was brutally murdered by her twin Kai Parker in 'The Vampire Diaries' season 6 after she came out shining in The Merge.  Alaric had turned human by then and did not let anyone come close to him after. Jumping to the timeline of 'Legacies', he lost her once again - after he found out that Malivore had been playing games with him. He lets her go realizing that that's how it is meant to be. To have that emotional maturity, stability, and strength is an insane feat and honestly, it doesn't feel like the story arc shows it at all.  




While Alaric has made his fair share of mistakes in both 'The Vampire Diaries' and 'Legacies' (letting resurrected Cassie out of his sight was a blunder), there's very little depth to him. He's either brooding or taking care of the supernatural flock on the show and it is such a waste to a character who is capable of so much depth. He's also always there for everyone when they are down in the dumps (Hope and Raph) but no one is ever there for him. What's worse, no one even acknowledges all the things he does for everyone. While he may not have any powers now, the show should definitely write in some respect for poor Alaric. 

In 'Mombie Dearest', when Alaric is inside the office with Jo, Lizzie, and Josie, his twin daughters open the door with an uncomplicated piece of magic. For someone who is supposed to protect the school and its students, shouldn't he be given some sort of enforcing ability? Clearly, his words aren't enough because we see Hope Mikaelson and the rest of the gang going off doing exactly the things that they've been told not to. Case in point, episode 4, 'Hope Is Not The Goal'. They were told to call him regarding any developments but the twins and Hope took matters into their own hands - which could have possibly injured their classmates. 




He's fighting toe to toe with the supernaturals in the show, thanks to all the experience he has had in the past. With Malivore practically at their door, the fear is that it may not be enough. It doesn't make sense to send someone off to battle something that has not come up in 'The Vampire Diaries/The Originals' without any powers - which leads to the speculation that Alaric may be getting juiced up again. Hopefully, then, the show will give us the fierce fighter Alaric Saltzman that we so desperately want to see. 

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