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Little girl's passive-aggressive complaint letter after being told to wash has her mom in splits

The seven-year-old writes these complaint letters to her parents every time she disagrees with a decision they make
Image Source: Reddit/u/erakat
Image Source: Reddit/u/erakat

Kids do say the darndest things and sometimes it's hard to have a straight face while trying to discipline them. As a parent, it's important to get your children to listen to you. But their tantrums can make it hard to get them to do boring but necessary activities like brushing their teeth, taking a bath, or even eating their food. You may find creative ways to trick them into doing it, but kids are up for the challenge as well. A Reddit user shared a very creative passive-aggressive letter from their child who just did not want to take a bath and instead finish the movie they were watching.

Source: Getty Images/Justin Paget

Reddit user erakat shared a picture of the letter they received after they asked their seven-year-old daughter to take a bath. But this does not seem to be the first or the last the parents would be receiving from their child. It is supposedly something she does every time she disagrees with a decision her parents make. She writes them a passive-aggressive letter letting them know how she feels. She is already well on her way to becoming one of those people who resolves everything by writing complaint letters. This letter, however, had to do with her mom's ill-timed demand of her daughter to go take a bath.

In the letter, she addressed her mother and wrote: I see you want me to wash but I truly want to watch Moana so we can finish it and you will get to know how it ends because it is truly[sic] I should not tell you so you will be able to find out how it ends but I would not want to dispoint[sic] you so I will wash. She followed this with a pictorial representation of how she felt. A sad and devastated face with a tick mark said: How I am feeling. Next to it was a drawing of a girl with a happy face, which was struck out and read: Not how I am feeling.

Source: Reddit/u/erakat

In case it could not get clearer than that, the little girl was not happy at all with bath time interrupting her movie time. Can we blame her though? She just wanted to see how it ended. The letter was indeed so impressive that Redditors could not help but agree with her and praise her for being so expressive. One user wrote: Wow! That's awesome.
Future passive-aggressive note writing hero in training! Another person wrote: That’s hilarious. Let her off the washing Mum, she needs to watch Moana! User Robtimus_prime89 agreed and added, She truly needs to see the end of it.

Source: Reddit

ChrisRR noted: I bet she took longer to write that than it would've taken to both truly do the washing and truly watch the end of Moana. While that may be true, she truly did let her parents know how she felt about being forced to cut movie time short. Another Redditor wrote: That's top-level emotional manipulation for a child. I'd be proud and scared. Another person praised the little girl and said: Her email game at work is going to be fierce.

Source: Reddit

Some people even shared similar things they did as children. One user shared: And there was me furiously scribbling Nobody will help me with my little nosebleed!!! On the wallpaper aged 6 (even putting a little smudge of the blood on there to prove the nosebleed was real.) I then tried to deny it. The writing in my room, at my head height, after my nosebleed, when my older brother and sister were on holiday in Wales leaving just me & Mum. Nope. Wasn't me. That's some bloody good writing there, kudos.

Source: Reddit