'Little Birds' Full Cast List: Meet Juno Temple, Hugh Skinner, Yumna Marwan and other stars of Starz series

'Little Birds' Full Cast List: Meet Juno Temple, Hugh Skinner, Yumna Marwan and other stars of Starz series
Hugh Skinner and Juno Temple star in 'Little Birds' (Instagram@junotemple)

‘Little Birds’ based on Anais Nin’s collection of erotic short stories follows a cosseted American heiress Lucy Savage (Juno Temple) who in an attempt to escape her wealthy but dysfunctional family, agrees to a marriage with Hugo Cavendish Smyth (Hugh Skinner) in exotic Tangiers.

But while Lucy's love affair with her closeted gay husband comes to naught, her relationship with Tangiers and the exotic people who live there, especially dominatrix Cherifa Lamour (Yumna Marwan) is a whole other story. To find out more, let’s meet the cast of this wild tale soon to premiere on Starz. 



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Juno Temple

Juno Temple plays Lucy Savage who has had years worth of therapy to deal with her “troublesome behaviors and distracting wants”. Wants and desires she is certainly not going to get fulfilled by her closeted husband, but that still leaves her with the rest of exotic Tangiers, all up for grabs. Temple who from the trailer of 'Little Birds' seems to be playing Savage to perfection says about the role in an interview to 'The Guardian', “It’s not your quintessential, what people think of as ‘erotic’. That might have been skewed by porn and those images that kind of tilt our brains. Actually, real eroticism is about like how somebody’s sweat tastes or how somebody’s hair feels in certain places, or what the lack of touch creates. That’s something that I was really struck by, at 17, reading Little Birds.”


Juno Temple of course is an actor known for her impressive performances in films such as 'Killer Joe', 'The Other Boleyn Girl', 'Atonement', 'Maleficent' and 'The Dark Knight Rises'. She is also known for her roles on series such as 'Vinyl', 'Dirty John' and 'Ted Lasso'.

Juno Temple stars in 'Little Birds' (Getty Images)

Hugh Skinner as Hugo Cavendish Smyth

Hugh Skinner plays the bumbling English Lord Hugo Cavendish Smyth, who Lucy Savage marries in an attempt to escape her life as a troubled American heiress. Cavendish however is in love with an Egyptian prince and the times being what they are, he cannot live his truth. Skinner has made his mark in films like 'Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again' and on series like 'Fleabag' and also the Matthew Weiner's anthology series 'The Romanoffs' playing the role of Simon Burrows.


Hugh Skinner stars in 'Little Birds' (Getty Images)

Yumna Marwan as Cherifa Lamour

While Lucy Savage is constrained by a set of norms, so is dominatrix Cherifa Lamour albeit very different ones in Tangiers. However, it provides enough common ground for Lucy and Cherifa to strike up a friendship. This is Yumna Marwan's first major English-speaking role, though she has worked with directors from all over the Arab world. Marwan was born in Lebanon, spent her childhood in Beirut and then, her teenage years in Iowa. 


Yumna Marwan stars in 'Little Birds' (Getty Images)

Raphael Acloque as Adham Abaza

Raphael Acloque plays Adham Abaza, Lord Cavendish's lover who is not too pleased when he finds out that Lord Cavendish has tied the knot. Raphael Acloque has been seen in films such as 'Mission: Impossible - Fallout' and 'The Danish Girl'. 


Raphael Acloque stars in 'Little Birds' (Getty Images)

Who are the other stars? 

The other stars of 'Little Birds' include Nina Sosanya and Kamel Labroudi. 



'Little Birds' is directed by Stacie Passon who brings the series based on Anais Nin's exotic short stories to the screen. 'Little Birds' premieres on Starz on June 6 on Starz. Catch the trailer of the series below. 



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