'Little Big Shots' with Melissa McCarthy touches fans but they believe late air time 'makes no sense'

'Little Big Shots' with Melissa McCarthy touches fans but they believe late air time 'makes no sense'

Spoiler alert for 'Little Big Shots'

Big things come in small packages cliched as the saying might be, NBC's reboot of the Steve Harvey talk show 'Little Big Shots' attempts to further assert the same as they introduce us to yet another new brand of small wonder with big ideas. 

The new season's preview that aired on Monday, February 24, ahead of its March 1 premiere saw comedian and actress Melissa McCarthy replace Harvey as the host, interacting with little whiz's seemingly an impeccable fit for the role. The preview episode saw McCarthy hosting a pro-vacuum cleaner salesman, Bailey, a champion table tennis player called Yiyi and 'The King of Crochet' Jonah Larson.

The segment appeared in a manner that the Ellen DeGeneres show holds its child-star segments where they invite real-life WizKids who have soared to massive popularity on social media for practically anything ranging from yodeling like a pro to saying the word 'apparently' too many times in a sentence. To be honest, DeGeneres does appear on the preview episode of her longtime friend, McCarthy's show so that explains a lot.



But as McCarthy went through her guest list with some of them being hilariously precocious and others the sweetest, most humble geniuses ever, what social media couldn't help but overlook was the oddly late air time of the show — at 10 pm ET — which makes no sense since young children are a fitting audience and the show airs way past their bedtime. Taking it to Twitter, fans expressed their concerns with the air time, asking the show why it chose the late spot and hoping for them to change the slot to an earlier time for children. 

"This is on at 10 pm in my area. So silly it is shown when kids should be in bed. Missed opportunity for other kids to be inspired," wrote a fan.


Another asked: "Why is this on so late? Kids that like to watch kids their age on the show are in bed to get ready for school tomorrow! This makes no sense whatsoever." 

'Little Big Shots' aired its first preview on Monday, February 24, with later episodes to air every Monday from March 1, at 10 pm only on NBC.

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