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Lisa Gleave claims ‘Deal or No Deal’ helped Meghan meet Harry, fans say ‘he picked the wrong case’

'Deal or No Deal' star Lisa Gleave said, 'I never looked at it as a show that objectified women. The cast and crew treated us very well'
UPDATED OCT 22, 2022
Lisa Gleave (L) slammed Meghan Markle's (R) statement about the show 'Deal or No Deal' saying she got Prince Harry (I) due to the show (Katty Winn/Toby Melville - WPA Pool/John Lamparski/Getty Images)
Lisa Gleave (L) slammed Meghan Markle's (R) statement about the show 'Deal or No Deal' saying she got Prince Harry (I) due to the show (Katty Winn/Toby Melville - WPA Pool/John Lamparski/Getty Images)

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: The controversy over Meghan Markle's 'bimbo' statement over 'Deal or No Deal' show is not settling anytime soon. Following Claudia Jordan, Alike Boggan, and now Lisa Gleave, one of Meghan's coworkers has openly supported the show. Lisa said, "For me it was a joy and a great career move. Most of the girls would say that."

The 'Deal or No Deal' star claimed, "She was a struggling actress, and I think if it wasn't for Deal Or No Deal she probably wouldn't be where she is now. She might not have met Harry, she might not have been cast on Suits," as reported by DailyMail.


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The controversy sparked after Meghan spoke on her new 'Archetypes' podcast with Paris Hilton titled 'Breaking Down the Bimbo,' where she said, "I ended up quitting the show, I was so much more than what was being objectified on the stage. I didn't like feeling forced to be all looks. And little substance. And that's how it felt for me at the time being reduced to this specific archetype the word bimbo." Meghan featured on season two of NBC's 'Deal or No Deal' 16 years ago. She stood beside briefcase number 11 for two episodes and was later moved to number 24. However, she left the show midway through the season.


Meanwhile, Lisa now claims in her interaction with DailyMail, "I never looked at it as a show that objectified women. The cast and crew treated us very well. It was a professional set. For many of us, it was a stepping stone on our careers and we went on to greater things." She continued, "If Meghan didn't want to feel objectified and had bad feelings about her role then she could have chosen not to do the audition and not to do all the shows that she did. And that would have given another girl a chance, someone who would have jumped at the role."

She further added, "It was almost like a uniform that we had to wear, but it's showbiz — you have to have glitz and glamour. I'm sure Meghan wasn't the only one told to suck her stomach in. We were all told at one point or another. The dresses we wore were tight and tailored to our bodies so we couldn't slouch or over-eat. I wasn't offended by any of it. It was business — a job that most of us did gladly." Meghan's former colleague also said, "Off stage we didn't all mingle." She further said, "I do know that she spent a lot of her [free] time studying scripts for auditions." 


Dina Cerchione who styled the models for 'Deal or No Deal' shared her thoughts on the show on her Instagram handle where she wrote, "To know me is to know I love my work. It’s been a rough week watching a show I love SO much be criticized. I had the privilege to design the looks for Deal or No Deal, for all of the women and, of course, @howiemandel."

The former actress claimed that she was reduced to 'bimbos' on the show (Inside screenshot/ YouTube)
The former actress claimed that she was reduced to 'bimbos' on the show (Inside screenshot/ YouTube)

She then continued, "It was one of the most wonderful, challenging, highs profile gigs of my career and I loved every minute of it. Everyone on the show from my wardrobe team to the producers, the crew, hair and makeup, Howie and especially the models all worked SO very hard to make the shows the best they could be for the contestants and the fans who adored it." Further, she added, "I have thought a lot about this, I wouldn’t change a thing. We all knew how lucky we were and how special our TV family was. There was a mission at work to do the best we could, take care of our full team and treat everyone with the respect they earned and deserved."


"The women gained such uh-mazing opportunities! not only to change the lives of the contestants who came on the show for a chance at $1,000,000 but also the opportunities they gained from being seen in millions of peoples’ homes each week," she posted. The stylist also claimed, "From hosting and being on other television shows, to being on Oprah, to starting businesses and more. It was a launch pad for so many of the women, many who I am in touch with to this day. Also, let’s not overlook, this was all pre-social media and cameras on cell phones! I can’t imagine what they could have accomplished if they had those tools at their fingertips!I’m proud to have been a part of the show and the Deal or No Deal Family and always will be 💖 The end."

On the other hand, Tameka Jacobs, another briefcase girl stated, "Looking back, it was clear that she had a brand and wanted to protect that brand for a future career as a serious actor. Meghan's aspirations were to win an Oscar or be on Broadway, so if you're in a mini-dress, high heels, with your b***s taped together and pushed up when what you want to do is serious acting, then it's tough."

Claudia Jordan attends the 2019 Soul Train Awards at the Orleans Arena on November 17, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Claudia Jordan has also slammed Meghan's statement (Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

Meanwhile, Claudia Jordan who was one of the models in the show who eventually became a reality TV star on 'The Real Housewives Of Atlanta' shared her thoughts on Meghan's statement. "For clarity — yes getting a modelling gig on a game show isn't necessarily about your intellect, but every show the executive producers picked five models with the most outgoing and fun personalities to place mics on, who they knew would engage with the contestants," she said. "And Deal Or No Deal never treated us like bimbos. We got so many opportunities because of that show."


Alike Boggan also slammed the Duchess of Sussex for her claims. She said, "I was there from the very first episode and I loved every minute of it. It was a great job and a great opportunity," she told DailyMail. "There was an emphasis on us girls looking our best but it's showbusiness — an aesthetic industry — and it didn't bother me at all. I never felt uncomfortable and never felt there was anything undignified about it. I was grateful for the good salary and the good working conditions. I look back on it fondly."

'Is it too late for Harry to say 'No Deal'?'

The internet quickly reacted to Lisa's statement about Meghan getting married to Prince Harry. A user said, "If it wasn't for Deal Or No Deal she wouldn't have met Prince Harry': TV co-stars hit back as Meghan Markle complains 'briefcase girl' role made her feel like a bimbo. Harry picked the wrong case." Cory Bernardi said, "For someone complaining about being a briefcase girl, Meghan Markle still carries a lot of baggage. Is it too late for Harry to say 'No Deal'?" As a response to his tweet, a user claimed, "You’ve really inflamed the trolls with this one, Cory. Good job! She looks so happy being objectified. No complaints at the time when she was receiving a paycheque for this work, only now a decade later is she upset. Funny how that works."

Another tweet claimed, "Meghan Markle wants us to believe she didn’t know what she was signing up to when she accepted the job in Deal or No Deal. That job helped her enter showbiz that ultimately gave her celebrity status that put her in Prince Harry’s radar. She should be grateful for the opportunity." A tweet read, "Papacy rubbish."






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