"Policing women’s bodies is misogynistic and frankly pretty boring," says Insta star Lindsey Pelas

27-year-old Instagram sensation Lindsey Pelas has now taken a seat behind the mic to deliver a brilliant podcast and challenge stereotypes of busty and sexy blondes

                            "Policing women’s bodies is misogynistic and frankly pretty boring," says Insta star Lindsey Pelas
Lindsey Pelas (Source:Getty Images)

Forget those who warned you that life is not as perfect as it seems on social media. For "Instagram's Ultimate Southern Belle," Lindsey Pelas, life is all that you see plus everything that's behind it. To her 7.4 million Instagram followers, she is the must-follow bombshell, but to those who have listened to her podcast 'Eyes Up Here,' launched about two months ago, and know her via Twitter, she is a Louisiana girl who has a degree in history, is quick to shut a harasser and is prompt with conversations on trending topics.

In an exclusive interview with Meaww she opens up about being naturally sexy and how that works against her at times. With a weekly podcast launched on iTunes and Soundcloud, Pelas is challenging many stereotypes. 

"I am well known for being busty and sexy and this podcast was an idea to get people looking beyond my stereotype. I’ve found that to be the main recurring theme with me and my guests as well. Looking beyond social stereotyping to get to understand one another better," she says. Her first podcast that debuted on April 3 talks about "The Offensive Pink Dress" and has a hearty chat with her best friend, Chantal Daylee, setting the theme of what lies beyond just appearances.

Title of the podcast itself is 'Eyes Up Here,' which directly states the onlooker to divert the attention from her 32DDD breast size. A Twitter follower actually helped with the title and she thought the wordplay about her figure was interesting. While she works on her podcast and delivers witty interviews with friends and guests, she also sells her merchandise under the name 'Genetically Gifted.'

'Genetically Gifted' is the word she uses to describe herself over words like "all natural." She has her famous ex-boyfriend to thank for helping her coin the term. "I’ve never shared this before, but it actually started with Dan Bilzerian," she says. "When organizing my Instagram, he suggested I put “all natural” in my bio. I told him that my hair wasn’t natural, my nails, I was spray tanned and that “all natural” sounded like a type of packaged meat you bought at the grocery store. Genetically gifted was what I came up with instead," Pelas explains.

Now, Pelas has an entire merchandise in the name.

The 27-year-old Pelas also credits her Instagram fame to Bilzerian, who is known for his lavish lifestyle on social media. Pelas met Bilzerian when she moved to LA three years ago. She dated the Instagram celebrity who shared Pelas page and shot viral videos with her. "I ended up with a million followers in six weeks!" she exclaims.

She also realized that her pages do well when she attends public appearances. "It’s cool to know people are following you all around the world!" she states.

But with a large internet presence, how does she handle negativity that is always lurking?

"Negative comments only bother me when I’m already upset. If I’m having a bad day or sensitive about something, it can be overkill, but most days I could care less," she says. "I usually don’t address harassers but on Twitter, people like the way I shut them down. I find it important to use a term like abuser or harasser as well, because “hater” is often incorrect. To hate someone is a conscious decision and most of these people care the most and are pretty envious. Harassment and cyberbullying shouldn’t come with a name so nonchalant," she adds.

To those who compare their lives to hers, she says that if there’s something you don’t feel good about then put an effort to change it. "If you feel unfit, if you feel a lack of success or if you feel your friends and the town you live in are boring…change it."

"If people on the internet are simply bumming you out or making you be jealous get off your ass and follow your dreams!" she adds.

Pelas is who she is and there's no faking it. She shuts down internet trolls and flaunts her assets.

"My boobs are pretty fun, but I also love my green eyes," she says.

"I think nudity is just fine. Policing women’s bodies, in particular, is misogynistic and frankly pretty boring at this point," she states. 

But here's the thing about Pelas, she is all that you see on Instagram; busty, beautiful and curvy but when she is not shooting, she slips into her comfortable sweatpants.

"I am also a no makeup and ponytail kind of girl. I like to go all in or all out when it comes to glamour." The pressure of keeping up does take a toll on her and she does not indulge in photoshoots every day. 

"There’s a lot of pressure to be online and take new photos every single day and I just don’t. When I feel pressure I just talk myself through it. It’s part of the job!" she shares.

And her recent jobs have included photo shoots and acting in Kanye West’s Yeezy campaign and Revolve, besides doing her regular podcast. She also was a part of Erika Jayne’s XXpensive music video. "I’m a big fan of her and that was really memorable," says Pelas.

She has a couple of projects lined up but all's a secret right now. She is planning to "create a line of men’s products somewhere down the road."

As for her biggest supporters so far, the list goes; "An old boss, a friend from high school and an ex-boyfriend. The ones who check in and tell me “good job” out of nowhere and have never laughed at my dreams. My biggest supporters are random."