Lindsey Graham backs Trump's claim of voter 'fraud', says Democrats would be 'cheered on' for doing the same

'Democracy depends upon fair elections,' he told reporters via a Zoom call on Friday.

                            Lindsey Graham backs Trump's claim of voter 'fraud', says Democrats would be 'cheered on' for doing the same
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Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has declared he's standing beside Donald Trump and his claims of the 2020 elections being rigged. Celebrating his re-election to the Senate, he said, "Democracy depends upon fair elections," to reporters via a Zoom call on Friday. Graham claimed that the Democrats would be appreciated if they were the ones claiming election rigging. "President Trump’s team is going to have a chance to make a case regarding voting irregularities. They deserve a chance to make that case. I’m going to stand with President Trump. If a Democrat were doing this, it’d be cheered on," Graham said in the call, according to a Daily Mail Report. 

The 65-year-old fought off a tight race to the senate, and on Tuesday he was declared victorious after defeating Democrat Jamie Harrison 54.5 per cent to 44.2 per cent. Graham also said that Joe Biden "deserves" to have his choice of cabinet members confirmed by the Senate, but made clear that he wasn't conceding defeat in the general election. Graham has known Biden -- who has been in Washington DC since 1973 -- for many years. He pledged his support to Biden, a six-terms Delaware senator, whenever possible. 

He also reflected on his campaign during the call saying, "I ran on two things: that I will be a reliable vote to stop the most radical agenda being pushed by Nancy Pelosi and others in the history of the United States." He said, "I also talked about openly in my campaign at all the debates about how I have reached across the aisle and will continue to do so."

Regarding what his plan of action would be in his second term, he said he'd oppose the Green New Deal, Medicare for All and packing the Supreme Court. He also said that he would remain open to the idea of working with Biden as he appoints his cabinet, in case the Democratic candidate is elected to the White House. "When it comes to finding common ground, I will do that," he said. "The vice president deserves a cabinet.I will give him my input about who I could vote for as secretary of state, attorney general. There may be some people that I just can't vote for because I think they're unqualified or too extreme," he said. Graham also added, "I'm not conceding he's going to win." He added, "If Trump comes back in Arizona, and he actually takes Arizona, this is going to be one hell of a fight."

In August this year, Graham had taken to Twitter to wax eloquent about Joe Biden's wife Jill. "Tonight, Jill Biden did a very good job representing herself and Joe in the causes they believe in. She’s an outstanding person who has led a consequential life," he had tweeted. 


Speculation is rife about the names that Biden would appoint to his cabinet once he becomes the president of the United States.

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