Lindsay Lohan will not be returning for 'Life-Size' reboot due to scheduling conflicts

This comes as a shock since Tyra Banks herself had previously said that the production team was in talks with Lindsay Lohan to join the reboot

                            Lindsay Lohan will not be returning for 'Life-Size' reboot due to scheduling conflicts

'Life-Size' fans definitely have valid reasons to rejoice considering the fantasy movie is finally coming back to the big screen with an equally promising reboot, all courtesy Tyra Banks. But at the same time, it might get a little bittersweet for the fans, owing to the fact that the original's cast member, Lindsay Lohan, is not going to reprise her role as Casey Stuart in the upcoming reboot. And this news comes after Banks having previously shared they were in the talks of finalizing Lohan for the soon to be arriving sequel. While doubt still lingered whether Lohan would actually come back or not, Banks had also recently announced just a month ago that actress Francia Raisa was going to be in the movie, thus clearing the air for speculations.

Entertainment Weekly was one of the first outlets to report that the 'Mean Girls' actress, in fact, won't be returning for the upcoming reboot, citing reasons that it was all due to a scheduling conflict with a reality show. Which really makes fans wonder, why exactly back in just April, Banks had shared that she was hoping for Lohan's reprise, saying, "I really, really want her to [return]. We're talking about it right now. She has got to come back!"

But then again, Banks hadn't kept the fans lingering with confusion for long, as soon she confirmed that her co-star in the sequel would be 'The Secret Life of the American Teenager' star and Selena Gomez's BFF, Francia Raisa.

"Now filming: LIFE SIZE 2," she had tweeted at the time. "It's time y'all! You've waited long enough. Could not find one single woman more perfect to co-star with Eve than the magnificently fierce @franciaraisa."

Raisa is set to play the role of Grace Manning who is the "CEO of Marathon Toys, a huge toy company started by her mother that is most famous for manufacturing the iconic Eve doll".

Speaking about what fans could expect from the reboot, Banks had previously shared that 'Life-Size 2' is going to be much edgier than the original movie. She explained the concept, saying, "This new 'Life-Size' is not going to be the Life-Size that you had back in the day. It's really going to be Eve growing up and Eve experiencing very adult things because it's on Freeform. It's not on Disney anymore, so that should let you know."


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But Lohan herself has been keeping busy with things quite larger than 'life-size,' such as her newly opened VIP-beach club in Rhodes. Recently she even took to Instagram to shade two of the waitresses working there for wearing mismatched shoes. 

She commented on Lohan Beach House Rhodes' official Instagram post of the two women, writing, “Wear the same shoes please ... or you’re fired.” One of her followers even asked, “pls tell me you’re not joking need this to be real (sic)”, to which Lohan, 32, replied, “totally serious! (sic)”


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