Linda Hamilton reprises her Terminator role of Sarah Connor

Linda Hamilton played the role of Sarah Connor in the first Terminator movie and was jacked from the sequels that followed after, but she's now back on the James Cameron project.

                            Linda Hamilton reprises her Terminator role of Sarah Connor
Linda Hamilton (Source: Getty Images)

Terminator fans have been pretty much over the moon ever since the news of the iconic Linda Hamilton reprising her role as the movie's original Sarah Connor, surfaced. Despite Hamilton getting jacked from the sequel — where the character was in a desperate mission to save her son from an even more desperate robot from the future — fans of the movie have always worshipped her as the original Sarah. And now she's back at it again!

Over the years, Cameron's original 'Terminator' churned out several disappointing sequels that were far from adored by the fans, but now he has finally regained the rights to the franchise and he has assigned Deadpool‘s Tim Miller in charge of the upcoming movie, that will be a direct sequel to 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day'. The filming for the movie is already underway and Hamilton has made her way back to the sets, in the role that has significantly amped her career so far. And she looks every bit as badass as ever in what is said to be a “baton-passing” role.

Fans took it upon themselves to reveal the first look of Hamilton as Conner and she is all kinds of awesome, sporting sunglasses, a bulletproof vest, and muscles that could put pretty much anybody to shame! And guess who she is joined by? None other than 'Black Mirror star', Mackenzie Davis.

Davis, who received widespread critic acclaim for her role in the anthology series' San Junipero episode, is seen with unique scars all over her frame on the sets of the upcoming 'Terminator' sequel. It hasn't been revealed if her role is that of a cyborg or a resistance fighter, but it's quite reassuring of brilliant things coming ahead!

But it still couldn't drown the thrill of Hamilton's classic black tee shirt and bulletproof vest, as fans went insane about her holding grenades to complete the look. Let's just say she looks ready to beat up every bad guy in the existence of movie-verse.

The upcoming sixth film in itself is expected to kick some major butt in terms of all the previous failures for sequels that have been shaded by the audience. It's basically ignoring all the movies made after 1991’s 'Judgment Day' and instead will focus on a younger lead who could lead the movie towards further sequels in the franchise, should this upcoming film be successful, believe the producers, including Cameron himself.

As for the designated antagonist in the movie, Cameron has previously declined to reveal what exactly the villain will be, but Arnold Schwarzenegger — who played the role of the titular cyborg in the first movie — has already confirmed that the film will not be titled 'Terminator 6'. Other additions to the cast include Diego Boneta, Natalia Reyes and Gabriel Luna too.