Lil Baby and Lil Durk drop 'Voice of the Heroes', fans say 'this album gonna be special'

Lil Baby and Lil Durk dropped the title track from their upcoming album ‘Voice of the Heroes’ and the video was shot in Lil Baby’s home Oakland City

                            Lil Baby and Lil Durk drop 'Voice of the Heroes', fans say 'this album gonna be special'
Lil Baby and Lil Durk in a still from 'Voice of the Heroes' (YouTube/ Lil Baby official 4PF)

After teasing their fans for months with their collaborative project called ‘Voice of the Heroes’, Lil Baby and Lil Durk finally dropped the title track of the same. The song accompanied by stunning visuals hit the internet on May 31 and soon got fans talking.

This is the first time when both the rappers will be dropping a full-length joint project. Prior to this, Durk and Baby were busy working on their individual projects. Durk has so far dropped six studio albums since his debut in 2015 while Baby has released three full-length projects since 2018 namely, ‘Harder Than Ever’ in 2018, ‘Street Gossip’ in the same year followed by ‘My Turn’ in 2020. Speaking of new music, there is a lot happening on the circuit right now. Fans will soon get to hear a brand new album from Coldplay called ‘Music of Spheres’ and artistes such as The Weeknd and Billie Eilish will soon be treating their fans with fresh music.

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‘Voice of the Heroes’

The album ‘Voice of the Heroes’ also stylized as ‘VoH’ will hit the internet on June 4. Both the rappers had tweeted about the same a few days ago, sending their loyal fans into a tizzy. Speaking of the newly-released title track, both Baby and Durk talk about their respective journeys to success and how they feel as “heroes” to their friends and family. Helmed by Daps, the music video of the title track has been shot in the streets of Oakland City in Atlanta, which is Baby’s hometown. The neighborhood visuals helped create an intimate atmosphere around the track.

Durk opens the verse and raps about his life: “Missed out on my kids life for a year and I gotta accept it, Certain days - never came to my shows and I felt neglected/ Growin' up seein' my uncle dyin' in his bed, that shit made me reckless/ Pourin' up and I ain't never shared my meds, and I ain't bein extra/ And I paid like two of my - bonds before I bought a necklace.” Baby too reflects on his life as he enters the song in the second verse. “I wasn't even tryna be no idol, I put - on, and all of the sudden they feel entitled/ Put the barbers on 'em, you only get this kit when you got a title/ I'm exhausted, I been workin' shift to shift, but I keep fightin'/ Not my fault if I don't meet your likeness.”



‘Lil Baby really outshined Drake AND J Cole’

Both Baby and Durk enjoy a massive fan following and therefore, as soon as their new music video dropped, fans stormed to Twitter to talk about it. One fan shared, “Lil baby goes hard.” On a similar note another tweeted, “Lil baby and durk gon be crazy.” One user added, “Lil baby haven’t dropped an album that you cant listen to without skipping yet.” Meanwhile, another said, “Lil baby & lil durk making an album is something i never knew i needed, but i need it. now.” One said, "Ahhh The Voice of The Heroes this album gonna be special. I can feel it."
The next one, however, slammed their music and said, “I speak for everyone when i say U should retire from making music,” and echoing similar sentiments, another added, “Make better music.” However, one fan praised and said, “Lil baby really been goin crazy for the past year who told him to snap like this consistently.” One fan stated, “My fav lil baby song is To the Top, I can listen it all day.” While another concluded, “Lil Baby really outshined Drake AND J Cole on songs this year and people still wanna say he's overrated. Smh. Lil Baby > Durk, YB, Roddy, Dababy, Pooh Sheisty, Uzi (current Uzi not 2016 Uzi), Polo, Tjay, Gunna, really any of those type of guys.”












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