Coldplay 'Music of The Spheres': Air time, how to live stream, concept, lyrics and all you need to know about British band's 9th album

The band is gearing up to be back with a bang after a 16-month hiatus due to the pandemic

                            Coldplay 'Music of The Spheres': Air time, how to live stream, concept, lyrics and all you need to know about British band's 9th album
(L-R) Jonny Buckland, Chris Martin, Will Champion and Guy Berryman of Coldplay performing onstage (Getty Images)

Coldplay fans across the world were thrilled last year after the band teased about their prospective next album. Titled 'Music of The Spheres', the album will be the ninth release for the British band, since their inception in 1996. The band is gearing up to be back with a bang after a sixteen-month hiatus due to the pandemic. The new album will be the first one since their 2019 album 'Everyday Life'. 

According to The Sun, the band was embroiled in a legal battle for quite a while over the branding, after they applied to trademark 'Music of The Spheres'. However, latest official documents have revealed that Coldplay has formally applied to use the name on recorded music, clothing, merchandise, and printed material in the USA. The title was registered in 2018 and then again in December 2020.


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(L-R) Will Champion, Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland and Chris Martin of Coldplay (Getty Images)

Release Date

The official release date for 'Music of The Spheres' has not been confirmed yet. But, Genius reveals that the album can be expected in September 2021. This section will be updated once the band announces the release date. 


The vinyl version of Coldplay's eighth album 'Everyday Life' comes with a booklet that hints about 'Music of The Spheres'. According to The Sun, the words 'Music Of The Spheres' appear on the center pages of the book within a vintage photo, accompanied by the phrase 'Coldplay coming soon' in tiny lettering.

Annotated cover of 'Music of The Spheres' (Twitter)

The prospective logo of 'Music Of The Spheres' shows nine symbols. It is believed to represent the band's albums with the new one being their ninth collection. 

During an interview with Virgin Radio, frontman Chris Martin spoke about the message behind the images. "Those pictures mean something, yes," he reportedly said, keeping the speculations alive among fans trying to unravel the meaning. 

Historically, Music of The Spheres is an ancient philosophical idea conceptualized by Pythagoras. It represents the metaphysical and religious notion of earth's relationship to other plants so "that the divine and poetic order of the universe could be known."

Read more about the concept here

A glimpse about 'Music of The Spheres' from the 'Everyday Life' booklet (Twitter/Forum Coldplay)

Songs and Lyrics

The tracklist of the album as well as the lyrics of the songs have not been revealed yet. According to Genius, the album presumably comprises recent singles by the band, snippets, and song titles sourced from streaming services. It is also being speculated that the album contains PROs and social media content. 

On August 19, 2020, the Coldplay official Instagram account uploaded reels of their past songs. It was discovered later that the first letter of each song uploaded by them spelled out the word 'SPHERES'. Fans believe that it was a hint about their upcoming album. 

Keep watching this space for more details on Coldplay's 'Music of The Spheres'. 

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