Is Jayda back with Lil Baby after cheating scandal? Fans say 'It’s honestly really sad'

Lil Baby was recently linked to Saweetie after the rapper went on a $100,000 shopping spree for the 'Best Friend' hitmaker

                            Is Jayda back with Lil Baby after cheating scandal? Fans say 'It’s honestly really sad'
Jayda Cheaves with his baby daddy Lil Baby (L) and her recent story on Instagram (R) (Instagram/Jayda Cheaves)

Influencer Jayda Cheaves' latest Instagram stories set the rumor mills abuzz as fans speculated that the 24-year-old has reunited with rapper Lil Baby. Jayda has been in an on-and-off relationship with Lil Baby, as the rapper cheated on her with multiple women. Recently, the model-entrepreneur shared a series of photos and videos on her Instagram profile where she appeared to be on a romantic date in lavish rooms filled with roses and balloons. In one particular photo, Jayda appears to be in a tight embrace with someone, with whom she also shared a slew of spicy texts. While the mystery man's face is not visible, internet sleuths spotted large diamond rings on his finger similar to that of Lil Baby.

Jayda shares a son, Loyal Armani, with the hip-hop artist, who was born in February 2019. In the past, Lil Baby has been caught in several cheating rumors, every time he was together with Jayda. In fact, he was recently linked to Saweetie after the rapper went on the $100,000 shopping spree for the 'Best Friend' hitmaker.


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About a month ago, Jayda had addressed possibilities of a future reunion with Lil Baby, as she said, "It’s just like, when there’s so much tension, so many things have happened in the midst of all of that like, ‘He loves you,’ all of this." She continued, "Like, yeah, he do love me, I’mma say, but as far as the internet, like I always say, we’re comin’ up together. He learning stuff he never even seen before about social media and all that and I’m seeing things way different than I saw them before as I get older.”

“Because, you know, people just – time. Time tells everything. Some people just outgrow each other. It’s life but I told you don’t come here and ask about that and you came straight on here and asked about it,” Jayda further added. 


It seems that the reunion happened much faster than anticipated if we are going by theories put forward by internet sleuths. However, fans are far from happy about their favorite influencer 'Jayda Wayda' getting back together with her cheating ex. 

"Ain’t nothing cute about Jayda and Lil baby anymore I’m sorry," a fan tweeted, while another joked, "Someone said; Baby always doing cute stuff for Jayda to make her feel like she’s in heaven so he can cheat on Earth." 

A third fan tweeted, "im sorry but Jayda taking back Lil Baby each & every time is sad. It sucks that, that kind of relationship is idolized & wanted."

"I usually don’t comment on this anymore but I just want Jayda to love herself more than she loves materialistic things. It’s honestly really sad," a fourth fan noted.






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