Why was Lil Baby arrested? Rapper and James Harden questioned after car smelled like marijuana

The rapper and Brooklyn Nets star James Harden were in Paris and the pair was stopped by F after exiting a vehicle that allegedly smelled like marijuana

                            Why was Lil Baby arrested? Rapper and James Harden questioned after car smelled like marijuana
Lil Baby was in Paris for the the fashion week when he was detained on drug charges (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Lil Baby was having a gala time at the 2021 Paris Fashion Week along with his NBA superstar buddy Brooklyn Nets' James Harden before he reportedly got detained for the possession of drugs. A French publication was first to report the rapper’s arrest and soon the Internet was flooded with videos showing the Atlanta native being held by the cops.

According to Le Parisien, the cops checked a vehicle around 4:30 pm local time on Thursday, July 8 and later also shared a video on their official Twitter account where they said that search of the vehicle was justified. Lil Baby, whose real name is Dominique Jones, was then soon trending on Twitter as videos of him getting questioned by the cops made it to the Internet. NBC reports the pair was stopped by authorities after exiting a vehicle that allegedly smelled like marijuana. Le Parisien reported that it was the NBA star who was on the sidelines of the arrest but he was left free. Apart from the Grammy-nominated rapper, two other individuals were also arrested for transporting narcotics.
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Why Lil Baby was arrested at Paris Fashion Week?

Le Parisien reported that approximately 20g of herbal cannabis was discovered in the passenger compartment after a judicial police officer searched the vehicle. Harden then intervened in the matter which also led to his search but was allowed to go free. A Paris prosecutor's office told CBS News that Harden was "not arrested nor placed in custody" and he declined to comment further, citing the ongoing investigation.

Lil Baby and Harden were spending the week in Paris for the ongoing fashion week. They were also papped arriving at a Balenciaga event. For the unversed, Harden has a producer credit on Lil Baby's latest album ‘Voice of the Hero.’ A dedicated hip-hop page Rap Alert also shared the news of Lil Baby getting detained saying, “Lil Baby has been arrested in Paris for transporting narcotics after 20 grams of weed was found in the glove compartment of the vehicle he was riding in. James Harden was also with him but was let go by police.”   







‘Somebody should have told him that the police here don't play’

Social media users quickly stormed to Twitter as soon as they got the news of Lil Baby getting arrested in Paris. One user stated, “All mid rappers going to jail. Meek mill is safe. Lil duck is next.” Another shared, “Wild, best believe I'm praying for him In real life, no clichés or just social media talk either.” One tweeted, “Imagine being the cop that arrested lil baby and james harden.”
The next one posted, “Ao lil baby got arrested in paris for a weed charge but not Harden.”  Whereas, another shared, “Imagine using the race card for James Harden and Lil Baby getting searched by the French police. Police could smell weed. Harden was clearly f**king high. Lil Baby was arrested on drug possession charges. Trying to use racism as a get-out for anything makes you a piece of s**t.” One user trolled the rapper and concluded, “Lmaoooo Lil Baby got arrested for Weed possession. Somebody should have told him that the police here don't play.”