James Harden trolled for his outfit choice in Paris: 'Give Pope his shirt back'

James Harden trolled for his outfit choice in Paris: 'Give Pope his shirt back'
James Harden was trolled on Twitter for dressing like the Pope in Paris (Instagram/jharden/franciscus)

James Harden fans and trolls are all having a ball on Twitter. A video featuring the Brooklyn Nets player and rapper Lil Baby taken in Paris made it to Twitter. Harden and Lil Baby looked like they were caught off-guard by a slew of paps lined up to photograph and film them. There was a moment where Harden looked like he wanted the earth to open up and he would hide underground if he could. Lil Baby on the other hand tried to wing it, smiling awkwardly while at it, and the internet has exploded with tweets making fun of the two ever since. 

James Harden fans received upsetting news in June after it was announced that the Nets' star will not participate in Tokyo Olympics due to his hamstring injury. Harden had reportedly agreed to play but withdrew from the games due to the injury he suffered in the playoffs, reported The Athletic. Detroit Pistons forward Jerami Grant was named to the USA basketball team to fill Harden's spot. This is the second time in a week where Harden is being mocked on Twitter. The Nets point guard was at Michael Rubin's July 4th party in the Hamptons and a video of him tickling Meek Mill had Twitter in splits followed by a lot of memes and jokes. 


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'Why is James Harden dressed like Pope?'

James Harden was seen wearing extra baggy red sweat pants and a white shirt. The shirt had a sigil printed in the center and as for the overlapping sleeves, we do not have a logical explanation for how and why Harden thought it was a good idea to wear it out in public. Twitter came through with the jokes, trolls never seem to catch a moment of rest. Here are a couple of tweets that were made comparing Harden's outfit to that of the Pope. 

"James Harden looks like the Pope with that outfit," tweeted a user. "James harden came through with the Pope SWag," wrote a fan that seemed impressed with the athlete's attire. "Hell nah James Harden out there walking like he the pope," wrote another Twitter user. "Someone tell James Harden to give the pope his shirt back," joked a fan. "James Harden dressed like he works for the Catholic Church. Pope in training headahh," read another tweet. 







'James Harden gonna be bald by 2023' 

James Harden's outfit choice wasn't the only thing that he was mocked for and sick trolls also poked fun at him for his receding hairline. "James Harden is gonna be bald by 2023," wrote a user. "Harden needs to go bald fml his hairline," read another tweet. "God damn Harden going bald at the top," joked another user. "Harden needs to go bald or go Turkey," read another tweet. 





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