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'Light as a Feather' season 2 explores McKenna's biggest fight against the supernatural game that's holding her captive

Season 1 ended with McKenna getting stuck with the curse. Will she play to save her life or sacrifice herself to save those she holds dear?

Hulu dove into the teen-horror genre in 2018 with the debut season of 'Light as a Feather' and left us amazed at the realistic aura of the show despite its genre. Five girls coming together as part of a dark, horrifying mystery is a tale too common in the industry, but what made Hulu’s creepy teen drama stand apart was the unpredictable, yet believable supernatural element, plot, and relationship on the show. And now, as we stand on the brink of the premiere of season two, the biggest question plaguing us all is whether the second installment will live up to its predecessor.

Focusing on a group of friends, the plot of 'Light as a Feather' season one explored their lives going through some extremely traumatic events. It all begins when the girls — McKenna, Alex, Candace, and Olivia — meet the strange new girl in town, Violet, and decide to play a creepy, supernatural game with some deadly consequences.

The game results predicting how each one of them is going to die, and soon, the predictions start coming true as one by one, all of them fall victim to the game, or the curse that comes with it. In the end, the game takes the lives of Candace and Olivia.


Season two takes off from that point and continues with the unique and unpredictable plotline. McKenna (Liana Liberato) can be seen attending therapy at the beginning of the trailer for season two. This is after she was afflicted with a deadly curse where bone shards start coming out from a ghastly, gooey wound on her right lower back. It makes sense because she has lost her closest friends, Candace (Ajiona Alexus ) and Olivia (Peyton List) to the deadly game.

She seems skeptical about therapy though, as she says "Where do I even begin?" when the therapist asks her what happened. This leaves scope for speculation that McKenna is most probably not going to follow through with the therapy.

Meanwhile, in other places, McKenna can be seen indulging in the titular horror game once again, making the subjects float, chanting the signature spell. This is off course to get rid of the curse she has been stuck with that Violet (Haley Ramm) says in a voiceover as McKenna looks at her wound in the mirror. This is also where viewers find out that the seemingly psychotic and evil Violet is confined in a facility. As McKenna seeks her out for advice, since she was one of the people who carried the curse, Violet makes the cunning proposition of helping her only if McKenna gets her out of her confinement.

There is hope for the romance between Violet and Isaac (Brent Rivera) to unfold, but McKenna's best friend, Alex (Brianne Tju), is clearly not pleased with the prospect of welcoming Violet into their group. McKenna's relationship also starts to crumble because she can't be honest with Nick about what's plaguing her. As more and more people start disappearing, certain others also start becoming suspicious of McKenna as she was the one who had predicted exactly how Candace and Olivia die, thanks to the game. However, season two primarily focuses on the dilemma McKenna is facing: should she continue playing the game to rid herself of the curse, or should she stop and save the lives of those she holds dear?

'Light as a Feather' season two premiers on Friday, July 26, only on Hulu.