'Designed to Kill': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about new Lifetime drama thriller

Previously titled ‘Deadly Runway’, Lifetime’s upcoming movie promises a generous dose of mystery, obsession and whole lot of drama.

                            'Designed to Kill': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about new Lifetime drama thriller

We have often seen students becoming obsessed with their teachers, but very rarely we see a teacher develop an obsession with their students. As impossible as it might be to imagine the scenario, it is quite natural for a mentor to feel possessive about their mentee, or what they create out of a learner. ‘Designed to Kill’ follows the story of one such obsessed teacher who would go to any length for her fixation.

Release Date

‘Designed to Kill’ premieres on Lifetime on October 25 at 8/7c.


Jennifer Higgins (Linsey Godfrey) is a New York fashion photographer who leaves the city and heads to Los Angeles, after she suffers from a psychotic breakdown. In LA she makes a fresh start and joins a local high school as a teacher of their Fashion and Photography class. In course of her teaching stint, she develops a special interest in a student, David (Joshua Hoffman). Otherwise a shy and withdrawn boy, David soon becomes the ‘coolest’ kid in class, and then the “it” guy on campus, under Jennifer’s wings. From the “nerd” to the “gorgeous runway model” David experiences incredible transformation, but in the process becomes Jennifer’s ‘object of obsession.' The new personality fetches David new friends and new love interests, much to the disappointment and jealousy of Jennifer, who would not stop at anything to keep her fixation alive.


Lifetime Movies' icon Linsey Godfrey plays Jennifer Higgins in 'Designed to Kill'. (IMDb)


Jamie Luner and David Hoffman star in Lifetime's upcoming drama-thriller movie 'Designed to Kill'. (IMDb)

Joshua Hoffman, Linsey Godfrey, TJ Hoban play the lead roles in ‘Designed to Kill’. Linsey Godfrey made to headlines with her performances in popular shows like 'Days of Our Lives' and 'The Bold and the Beautiful'. Her co-star Joshu Hoffman has previously worked in ‘Talia in the Kitchen’, ‘Shameless’ etc. The movie also stars Jamie Luner ('All My Children', 'Melrose Place'), Stevie Johnson, and Maria Pallas, among others.


‘Designed to Kill’ is written by David Chester and directed by Doug Campbell. Campbell has directed 27 movies for television and is known for films like 'The Tomorrow Man', 'My Daughter's Ransom' and 'Stalked by My Doctor', to name a few. Chester, who is also a producer, has worked on movies like 'Desiree', 'Dream Killer' and 'Marriage Killer'. 


The channel has not released any preview of the movie yet. If you want to sneak a peek at ‘Designed to Kill’, watch this space for more updates.

Where to Watch

Watch the suspenseful chemistry of Jennifer and her student David, exclusively on Lifetime Movies.

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