Lifetime 'Secret Lives of Housewives': 5 things you didn't know about Jessica Morris

Having appeared in several shows and movies, Jessica Morris is most known for her role as Jennifer Rappaport on ABC's 'One Life to Live'

                            Lifetime 'Secret Lives of Housewives': 5 things you didn't know about Jessica Morris
Jessica Morris will star in 'Secret Lives of Housewives' (@jessicamorris01/Instagram)

'Secret Lives of Housewives' is a lifetime dramatic movie about a group of housewives. Kendra, a married woman, comes dangerously close to having an affair with a younger guy but chooses against it. She is heartbroken to learn of the death of her young almost-lover, but she must keep her sadness hidden from her husband.

The woman questions if her husband Peter was engaged in or responsible for his death. However, when she digs more, she learns that she was not the only possible lover of the slain young man, and the list of suspects in her small town grows.


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Jessica Morris

Jessica Morris has built her career as the leading woman in many television shows and independent movies, and is most known for her role as series regular Jennifer Rappaport on ABC's 'One Life to Live'. Morris has strong guest-starring roles on popular primetime series like Fox's 'Rosewood' and TNT's 'Perception.' She appeared in Lifetime TV's successful movie 'The Wrong Teacher'. Morris also recently appeared in episodes of Freeform's adaptation of 'Party of Five'. She stands out as an actress who portrays honesty and depth through all of the roles she undertakes and has also discovered an interest in screenwriting. Morris, like many other actors, has always aspired to work in the industry in ways other than acting. She is also a gifted writer, having written and produced the short film titled 'Claire'. She also directed one episode of 'Jax + James' on television. Morris will most likely write and direct more films in the future.



In 2008, Morris featured in the comedy 'Role Models' as Linda, the teacher. She starred in the fantasy film 'Fading of the Cries' in 2010. She also starred as the lead in the horror thriller 'Haunting of the Innocent' in 2014.

Justin Berti

Justin Berti is a performer who is designed to entertain as much as inspire. He was born in Connecticut and lived in Texas and New York City before spending the 12 years of his life in Tokyo, Japan. Since leaving Japan and relocating to Los Angeles in 2015, he has pursued his dreams on stage, television, and cinema.


Charlie Hitt

Charlie Hitt is a Charlotte, North Carolina-based young actor. His love for acting developed on stage, but after he started film training, the screen became his priority and passion.

Charlie enjoys playing tennis, spending time with his twin sister, and hanging out with his pals when he is not working. Dexter Masland/Catapult Acting Studio, Russell Sams/Way Actor's In, Alicia Fusting, and Rob Pralgo are among Charlie's experienced acting coaches.



Brianna Butler

Brianna Butler is a well-known actress who has appeared in films such as 'Deadly Due Date', 'Christmas Dilemma', and 'American Soul'. Brianna was a professional cheerleader for the Miami Heat (NBA) and Miami Dolphins before making her acting debut in 2017. 



'Secret Lives of Housewives' will release on May 7, 2022, at 8 pm ET/PT on the Lifetime channel.

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