'Love After Lockup': Are John Miller and Kristianna still together? He got her pregnant, then flirted with Terra

John and Terra got close when Kristianna was serving jail time

                            'Love After Lockup': Are John Miller and Kristianna still together? He got her pregnant, then flirted with Terra
Kristianna, John (WE tv)

It was always a fast-track romance for John Miller and Kristianna Roth. A whirlwind courtship period, surprise wedding, and now a baby too. The couple was photographed in Las Vegas recently. While he was on phone, she stood next to him flaunting her baby bump.

The pair dated for a bit before rushing into a traditional Native American wedding at the back of a pick-up truck. Kristianna had just been released from prison when John popped the question. She said yes not knowing that it would lead to another major event. On the way to the halfway house, they stopped by for a quick wedding ceremony. 

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It was happening too fast, which made Kristianna question a lot of things. However, later she changed her mind upon realizing what the relationship meant to John. They couldn't spend a lot of time together because soon she was back in prison after she went missing from the halfway house. 

John tried to keep her hidden as long as he could but Kristianna made the right decision to turn herself in. It did cause a lot of pain to her mother and John who was genuinely hoping to settle down, plan their future together. But all that love went flying out of the window when Kristianna commenced jail time. He was flirty with his sister-in-law, Terra, only to realize that it was not going to be very healthy for his marriage.


So, that brings us to the question, if John and Kristianna are together? Yes. According to a Soapdirt report, Kristianna is out on parole and the couple is expecting their first baby together. The due date is not known though, which makes us wonder if the baby track will play out in the current season or will the couple feature in the next one or a spin-off series at least? Only time will tell. For now, let's hope John and Kristianna have been able to put his little flirty interactions with Tara behind them and are looking forward to a happy tomorrow.

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