'Life After Lockup': Did John Millers hook up with fiancee Kristianna Roth's sister? Here's what we know so far

Kristianna is back in prison and won't be released until February 2023

                            'Life After Lockup': Did John Millers hook up with fiancee Kristianna Roth's sister? Here's what we know so far
John Millers, Kristianna Roth (WE tv)

John Miller and Kristianna Roth's relationship went from one level to the next in a matter of hours. No one had the time to think it through. Well, John did and he thought that it would be the best idea to get married the moment Kristianna's released from prison. He arranged for a pickup truck, which would become their wedding venue, and asked some of his friends to carry dresses for the event.

Their story perhaps would have been different if she didn't have to stay at her halfway house before she's a completely free woman. But drug possession and usage are crimes that usually come with a lot of repercussions. Unfortunately, the two said their I Dos before they could realize how to navigate their future together. 

A few days into Kristianna's release, John gets worked up by a phone call that informs him that she is nowhere to be found. The first guesses were that she could be on the run, doing drugs again. Her mother seemed sure of it. John stepped out to rescue her and keep her from going back to prison.


For days, he hid her in his home hoping there would never come a time when she would have to go back to being locked up. But she turned herself in and while she was gone, John, for all the commitment and love talk he did, apparently hooked up with his sister, TVShowsace reported.

The preview clip showed how Kristianna's sister and John get really close and flirty with each other. While he seems to be enjoying the attention, how will Kristianna deal with it and what becomes of their relationship now? Reports online suggest, she is locked up for a long time.

She was picked up and sent back to Iowa state prison and won't be released until February 2023. That's over two years time John has to either continue his marriage faithfully or walk out of it gracefully, possibly admitting to Kristianna about what's cooking behind her back. 

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