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Is John Slater spiraling after split with Lacey Whitlow? 'Life After Lockup' star spotted with mystery package

Ex-falon John meets with former cellmate, Llyod, who asks him to pull over his car at the back to share a package with him
John Slater was earlier dating Lacey Whitlow (WE tv)
John Slater was earlier dating Lacey Whitlow (WE tv)

John Slater and Lacey Whitlow's tumultuous relationship should have ended when he was put behind bars. But fate had other plans.

He was released early and has been trying to reconnect with the love of his life, who is now married to John Whitlow, by the way. When her father caught wind of it, he drove to John's house to request him to back off. He obliged only to later realize that he was spiraling. 


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In an unlisted preview clip, we see John admitting that every time he has felt dejected and lost, he has gone back to alcohol and drugs. In his confessional, the ex-felon said, "I guess I am not getting over Lacey completely. I feel those feelings coming right back. It's not easy. It's just a habit. Turning to drugs and alcohol. It has always been my go-to." 

As he narrates his story, the clip follows a haggard John and his meeting with former cellmate Lloyd, who asks him to pull over his car at the back so that he can share a package with him. The clip ends with John collecting a mysterious package. Could it be drugs? Only time will tell.


But he really has to make wise choices if he doesn't want to end up in jail again. John is on probation and unsupervised one at that, SoapDirt reported. He was earlier arrested for DWI and possession. Here's hoping the man has taken into account all of what may unfold if he gets back to his old life again.  

While John struggles with his emotions, Lacey and Shane try and work on their marriage and pregnancy. She conceived triplets but the couple lost two of their babies as the months progressed. Fans had said that it was a blessing in disguise because, given their financial situation, it would have been tough to raise six kids. However, they were mentally prepared for it and appeared heartbroken when they learned of the news. 

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