'Love After Lockup': Why did John and Lacey split? Fans say 'something's off' after she gets anxious over him

John's text to Lacey has her reconsidering her feelings for him

                            'Love After Lockup': Why did John and Lacey split? Fans say 'something's off' after she gets anxious over him
John, Lacey (WE tv)

Lacey is focussing on her marriage with Shane. And with a baby coming up, the couple is doing the best they can to ensure that their family is glued together through one of the most special phases of their lives. But it's going to get a little unsettling soon now that John Slater, Lacey's ex, is out of prison. 

John and Lacey's chemistry may have been palpable but the energy often got out of hand as they would end up in fights, the kind that would get aggressive. They dated when they were in high school but didn't reunite as a couple until 2018. But when they did, it was fireworks, in the worst way possible. They went out on a date to watch exotic dancers and when John flirted with one of them, Lacey flipped out. The fight could have ended there but John arrived at Lacey's to give her an earful when he was arrested. She called the cops on him. 

For a brief period of time, it seemed that was it, end of story. But with John sending Lacey a text message and she being in this confused state of mind about whether or not she should interact with him sort of hints at a reunion. She admits the text from John gave her "anxiety" but later revealed that she had still feelings for him. How will this play out in her marriage? John and Shane don't see eye to eye and therefore, if John were to step foot in Shane and Lacey's home, a fight would break out. 

Meanwhile, fans have weighed in with their two cents. Most are of the opinion that what Lacey said about having feelings for John still is not surprising. "I dont expect much from Lacey. She wants John to want her #loveafterlockup," a fan commented, while another: "Lacey is married and still going to entertain John smh. Girl block his damn number. #loveafterlockup." "#loveafterlockup this Lacey chick....there’s something off with her. Maybe it’s her just being in the damn show," a user tweeted.







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