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'Love & Hip Hop: Miami': Brisco's terrible relationship advice to Hood Brat has fans all riled up

While fans were glad to see that Hood Brat didn’t take Brisco’s advice, they slammed him for his poor suggestion to a friend
UPDATED MAR 20, 2020
Brisco, Hood Brat (VH1)
Brisco, Hood Brat (VH1)

Seeking relationship advice from a serial cheater might not be the smartest move and the latest episode of 'Love & Hip Hop: Miami' is proof. The previous episode saw Hood Brat learning that her boyfriend Kenny was already married and didn’t care to tell her about it. Although she walked away after confronting him, the aspiring rapper started having second thoughts about her decision to break off the relationship.

So, she turns to her friend and serial cheater Brisco for some relationship advice. Brisco, who is in the midst of a drama with his baby mamma, hears out Hood Brat's situation with Kenny. When he hears that Kenny is married, instead of telling Hood Brat to walk away from him and the relationship, he suggests that she "fight" for her man. He then begins preaching about how everyone deserves a "second chance". He also gives his own example of how when his baby mamma found out he was cheating, he gifted her a Porsche as an apology gift and swept the matter under the rug.

Thankfully, Hood Brat is smarter than Brisco and says if Kenny gifted her a Porsche, she would run over him with the same car. While fans were glad to see that she didn’t take Brisco’s advice, they slammed him for giving such poor advice to his "friend".


A fan tweeted, "I wouldn’t listen to Brisco’s advice if I was Hoodbrat. How many chances these men get after cheating? Too many. They think buying things for their girlfriends/wives is going to sweep everything under the rug. No, it won’t.  #LHHMIA."

Another fan wrote, "Brisco don’t tell that girl to go sign up to be a side b**** to a married man. Don’t take him back hoodbrat #LHHMIA." One more annoyed fan wrote, "Hood Brat found out that her man is MARRIED. Ok? MARRIED. And Brisco wants to tell her to 'fight for your man'. FIGHT? For a MARRIED MAN??? Go to hell. #LHHMIA."

Another fan pointed out how Brisco has enough troubles in his own relationship to be giving others advice, saying, "Brisco you can’t even get yo baby momma back but telling hoodrat to fight over a married man smh u did not read enough books when u was locked up  #lhhmia."

"Hood Brat has her head on straight. Don't listen to Brisco. #LHHMIA," wrote another fan. "Hopefully brisco learn from seeing himself on tv and how he sounds will teach him that you can’t buy women your woman want you to show her you love her by doing the simple sh*t take notes brother  #LHHMIA," tweeted a fan.

What did you think of Brisco’s advice to Hood Brat? Let us know. You can catch the all-new episodes of 'Love & Hip Hop: Miami' Season 3 every Monday at 9/8 c only on VH1.