‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’: Brisco tells Chello it's 'her fault' he cheated, fans say he's beyond 'toxic'

Brisco accuses his baby mamma Chello of 'allowing him to be a h**' and fans say there's nothing changed about the man

                            ‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’: Brisco tells Chello it's 'her fault' he cheated, fans say he's beyond 'toxic'
Brisco (VH1)

After spending three years behind bars, Brisco claims he’s a “changed man”. The Miami based rapper reveals that his time in prison made him realize the importance of family and so he expressed his desire to spend more time with his children and mend his relationship with his baby mamma, Chello.

So, he met up with Chello to reconnect with her and see if their relationship can be rekindled. When he realized that his baby mamma is not willing to let her guard down easily in front of him and doesn’t seem too keen about getting back together, he plays dirty by blaming his infidelities in the past on her. Brisco says that since Chello was aware of his cheating and didn’t speak about it, he assumed that she was okay with it, so he carried on with his cheating. He says, “If I was being a h**, you let me be a h**, you ain’t checking, you never checked me.”
‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’ fans were appalled when they saw the rapper being so callous towards his baby mamma. Many of them slammed him and labeled him “toxic”. A fan tweeted, “No Brisco a** ain’t tell his baby mama it’s HER fault he cheated... because she didn’t check him?!! Whew lawd the toxicity  #LHHMIA.” Another fan shared, “Sooooo she suppose to check you about another b*tch!? Brisco is beyond toxic. He’s f***ing delusional #LHHMIA.” “Brisco said you never said anything about me cheating so I assumed it was okay lol wow you really tried it Bris  #LHHMIA,” observed a fan.



Few fans pointed out to Chello that Brisco hasn’t changed despite his claims. A fan wrote, “Brisco apparently desperate to get this woman back but tells her it's HER fault he was a cheating-a** so & so because SHE didn't check him? That alone should tell her ain't a DAMN thang changed. #LHHMIA #LHHMiami.” Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, “Brisco is sitting here blaming his baby mama for him cheating..Girl he hasn't changed.. #LHHMIA.” “Brisco is a manipulator and is all talk just to get back with Chello #lhhmiami #LHHMIA,” commented a fan.
Viewers also began wondering why Brisco was keen on dating Trick Daddy’s soon to be ex-wife Joy Young, in an earlier episode, if he was so interested in rekindling his relationship with Chello. A fan tweeted, “Wasn't Brisco tryna holla at Joy a couple of episodes ago?? Ijs #LHHMIA.” Another fan pointed, “Brisco you just wanted Nikki and Joy two episodes ago. Now you’re trying to make it work with baby momma. You’re doing too much ! #LHHMIA.” “Wasn’t Brisco trying to holla at joy and then f***ed Nikki before that? Whatcha doin bruh? #LHHMIA,” questioned a fan.
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