‘Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood’: Moniece calls out production for editing her scenes with 'lies'

'LHHH' star Moniece Slaughter took to her Instagram to post a clarification about her scene on the Season 6 finale episode.

                            ‘Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood’: Moniece calls out production for editing her scenes with 'lies'
Moniece Slaughter (Source : Getty Images)

The Season 6 finale episode of ‘LHHH’ saw Moniece Slaughter, Lil Fizz’s baby mamma, pouring her heart out to Booby. This heartfelt exchange between the two left fans feeling sorry for Moniece, with the way Fizz treated her during her emotional breakdown. While fans were busy expressing their anger and hatred towards Fizz, Moniece took to her Instagram to post a story calling out VH1 for editing her scenes.

In her Insta story, the reality star clarified that she never had a meltdown in front of her son and revealed that it wasn’t when her son commented about wanting a “normal mom”. Moniece explained that they were two separate instances, which the production merged as one.

Her story reads, “I want to address tonight’s edit aka lie told to you guys by @vh1. On camera I never said I had a break down in front of my son. I never said that was the reason for my sons comment. The night I had the break down. My son was sleep upstairs in my bed. I watched a clip of the show and had a melt down based off the edit (I was already mid-swing of a depressive episode). And I locked myself in my laundry room so kam wouldn’t hear me crying. That’s when I called his dad for help.

"The night he made the comment of not having a normal mom was a totally different week, for a completely different reason. My dad came over to do homework with him as he had every night during my weeks with Kamron while I was depressed. I was on the phone beefing with production about a separate edit that had previously aired. Kamron was trying to talk to me. He could tell that I was stressed. He could sense I was on the brink of coming undone. He sat on the couch next to my dad and that was when he said, 'I don’t understand why I can’t just have a normal mom'. At which point I validated his feelings. Loved him up. Excused myself. Went upstairs. And fell apart. My father kept him occupied while I pulled myself together. And then he brought kam inside. Came up to get me. Hugged me. Told me he loved me. Encouraged me. Let me know he was there for me in whatever capacity I felt was best for Kamron and I. And he told me to call if I needed him and my mom to take Kamron for the night. He acknowledged that I looked emaciated and exhausted and said he’d check in later”.

In another story, she reminded fans that she wouldn’t be on the show from next season onwards, and wouldn’t be watching the finale episode owing to the edits. Moniece has been the OG cast member of ‘LHHH’ since Season 1. In the current Season 6, she appeared as an additional cast member. The reality star has been very vocal about her battle with depression and also has been in the center of all the drama happening between Apryl & Fizz’s relationship, this season. In the finale, we saw Moniece revealing that she’d be seeking help to better her mental health.

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