‘Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood’ Season 6 finale: Fans slam Fizz for turning his back on Moniece when she was having a mental breakdown

'LHHH' fans felt sorry for Moniece when she shared how Fizz ignored her when she reached out to him for help during one of her mental breakdowns.

                            ‘Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood’ Season 6 finale: Fans slam Fizz for turning his back on Moniece when she was having a mental breakdown
Moniece Slaughter (Source : Getty Images)

Over the past few episodes, we have seen Lil’ Fizz and Apryl Jones constantly disrespecting Fizz’s baby mamma Moniece Slaughter. Ever since they made their relationship official Fizz and Apryl’s attitude has become borderline insufferable. So, on the latest episode when Moniece revealed some disturbing details about her mental health issues and the way Fizz reacted to it, fans were left feeling furious and disgusted with Fizz.
On the finale episode, we saw Moniece revealing to Booby that she recently had a mental breakdown and reached out to Fizz to seek his help with their son Kameron while she dealt with her mental health. Instead of taking responsibility for his son and showing concern for Moniece, he just asked her to get help from her parents or figure out something else, and just hung up on her, leaving her to her own means.

When their son saw his mother in such a bad state he sat down on the couch and began crying about not having a “normal mother”, so Moniece was forced to tend to her son and reassure him instead of taking care of herself. Thankfully now, Moniece added that she plans on seeking treatment for her mental health and get better so that she can be the best mother to her son.  


While fans were happy for Moniece for finally seeking the help she needs, they weren’t happy with Fizz’s reaction and response to her seeking his help. A fan tweeted, “Fizz is a a****le for that. Moniece really needs help and she seems like she wants it. You should want to see the mother of your child  healthy for your child but as usual you are blinded by p***y. You a s**p. Mental health is real. #LHHH”. Another fan wrote, “Dreux need to re-evaluate his decisions anything could’ve happened to Kam while Moniece was having a mental breakdown she was. Seeking help but if something would've happened he would’ve been like why didn’t she reach out why didn’t she call me #LHHH”.
A fan applauded Moniece for her decision to seek help with, “I'm here for Moniece. There is no shame in suffering from depression and mental health issues and I'm proud of her for seeking help and trying to be the best mom she can be for her son. F**k Fizz and Apryl”. Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, “Damn I feel so bad for Moniece. I really hope she get the helps she need and she come out on top for herself and her son! ❤️❤️ #lhhhollywood #lhhh”. “Fizz & Apryl are pieces of shit. Moniece calls you in tears because her mental health is f***ed up & she needs help with YOUR son & you hang up?? That is f***ed up. You left your kid with an emotionally unstable person who was begging for help”, pointed out a fan.
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