'Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood': Pam defends A1, blames Lyrica for her son's cheating: 'Men do stuff because of women'

A1's mother Pam blames Lyrica for A1's cheating in between a heated argument. Fans are furious with Pam for defending A1.

                            'Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood': Pam defends A1, blames Lyrica for her son's cheating: 'Men do stuff because of women'

If you thought that the A1 Bentley and Lyrica Anderson drama was cooling down, after we saw A1 being all supportive and nice to Lyrica, then we are sorry to break it to you that the couple are back to square one with ugly fights and allegations against each other. The episode six of season 6, saw an epic fight go down between Lyrica and the mother-son duo of A1 and Pam. Pam supported her son A1 and mocked Lyrica to the point that the furious singer stormed out of the house, as the mother-son duo were laughing. To A1's credit he did make a half-hearted attempt to stop Lyrica from leaving their house.

So, what led to the big fight? It all began when a girl named Summer Bunni revealed that she had hooked up with A1, while Lyrica was pregnant. Lyrica and A1 had a fight over it, and the couple seemed to be in a grey area, as they weren’t clear about what they wanted to do next. Lyrica wants their son Ocean to have both his parents, while at the same time, she feels that A1 and she are done. The singer then decided to focus on herself and revive her musical career and later decide about her marital status with A1.

Lyrica Anderson (Instagram)

A few days later, Lyrica posted a picture on Instagram, with a cookie-monster toy covering her lady bits. This triggered A1, who felt that Lyrica is disrespecting him by laying out a “thirst trap”, while he is putting in all the effort to make their marriage work. Instead of discussing his annoyance with Lyrica, he invited his mother Pam over, and they both discussed Lyrica’s “thirst trap”. When Lyrica overheard the conversation between them, she tried to confront A1. She brought up his cheating with Summer Bunni, Pam immediately took her son’s side and began defending him by saying, “Men do stuff because of women”, and put the blame on Lyrica for A1’s cheating. When Lyrica tried to explain that A1 was responsible for his behavior, both mother and son broke into laughter and stop taking her seriously. A visibly upset Lyrica packed her bags and stormed out.



Pam’s action of defending her son and placing all the blame on Lyrica didn’t sit well with us or the fans. Everybody felt that Pam shouldn’t have inserted herself between the couple, and if she really wanted to help the couple then she should have just left them to resolve their issues amongst themselves. A fan tweeted, “Lyrica isn't one of our favorite characters, BUT this scene with A1 and his mom is sad. Moms who support their sons cheating are probably part of the reason they cheated. Not taught how to be a grown man. #lhhh #lhhhollywood”. Another fan called out Pam for supporting the bad behavior of her son, “Pam is such an enabler the nerve of her to blame a woman cuz a man cheats u raised A1 so u to blame for his bs. #LHHH”. “No wonder A1 steak sauce turned out the way he did .. his mom just blamed Lyrica for HIS cheating #LHHH”, wrote an angry fan.

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