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‘Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood’: Fans think Lyrica's mother should stop meddling in her daughter's marriage with A1

LHHH fans feel that Lyrica's mother, Lyrica G, needs to stay out of her daughter's marriage in order for things to get better between the couple.

Lyrica Anderson and A1 Bentley’s marital woes were at the forefront of this season’s LHHH. Just as Lyrica was beginning to think about forgiving and moving on with A1 after rumors of his cheating began doing rounds, he blew it by cheating on her again with a girl he met on a flight. After that Lyrica took their son, Ocean and moved out of the house.
Since then, A1 has been doing everything he can to win her back from apologizing to her for his bad behavior to promising to not make the same mistakes again. He even arranged for a small picnic date for both so that they can spend some time together and she can see that he’s genuinely trying to win her back. Things seemed to be going well, as Lyrica looked like she was keen to give their marriage another chance after seeing her husband go the extra mile to save their relationship.
Unfortunately, Lyrica’s mother Lyrica G doesn’t approve of her daughter’s decision to forgive and move on with her husband A1. She reminded her daughter of how much pain he caused her and advised her against going back to him.  Fans are not very happy seeing Lyrica G meddle in her daughter’s marriage, and feel that she should stay away from it and let her daughter decide what she wants to do. A fan tweeted, “I'm sorry but lyrica's Mom is 10000% PART OF THE PROBLEM . They were fine. #LHHH”. Another fan wrote, “#LHHH I hate to say her mom needs to stay outta of Lyrica and A1 business!! Just saying #lhhhollywood”.


Many fans felt that the couple were just getting to a better place before Lyrica G intervened. A fan shared, “Lyrica’s mom shouldn’t be involved at all she’s making things worst. Leave the past in the past and focus on tour daughter and grandchild. A1 needs to get his attitude in check. #LHHH”.

“Lyrica need to keep her mama (and everybody else) out her marriage. Cause when she take her husband back, her mama won't be as forgiving and will still feel some kinda way about him. #LHHH”, pointed out a fan. Another annoyed fan expressed, “Lyrica momma is annoying asf. They were doing fine before you came in there. If they wanna work on their marriage then mind yo business and let them.  #LHHH”.
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