‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Season 9 Finale Preview: Scrappy, Kirk shocked as Covid-19 halts filming

‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Season 9 Finale Preview: Scrappy, Kirk shocked as Covid-19 halts filming
'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' (Getty Images)

Coronavirus has brought the whole world to stand still, reality television is no exception. Just as we were beginning to enjoy our weekly dose of ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’, the show’s finale was announced. In case you’re wondering how the season has come to an end already, then you can pin the blame on the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.
The preview clip for the Season 9 Finale shows some brief drama among the cast members before shifting focus to Covid-19. The cliffhanger shows the return of Akbar V. We see Akbar dropping into Sierra Gates’ salon. The two ladies sit down to catch up with each other when Brittany tells Akbar that she has heard about the little scuffle between Akbar and LightSkinKeisha.

The two ladies had a huge showdown on Yung Joc’s radio show over, who the ‘Queen of Atlanta’ is. It ended with Keisha storming out saying she’s done with the show. The clip also shows Keisha talking to her boyfriend Coca Vango about her scuffle with Akbar V. Coca can be seen trying to explain to Keisha not to take her differences with Akbar seriously, while Keisha looks very upset and unhappy.

After this, we see newspaper clippings and hear news reporters in the background announcing that Covid-19 has been declared as a pandemic and that California is the first state to go into lockdown. The members of the cast begin to get worried about the consequences of this deadly virus. Their worst fears come to life when the whole production crew can be seen in a meeting with the cast members.

One of the producers announces that the filming will be wrapped due to the pandemic to ensure the safety of the crew and the cast. While Scrappy and other members look shell-shocked at the news and try to process the information, Kirk Frost asks the question which seems to be running in all of their minds. He asks how they will live their lives now. 

It might be safe to assume that Kirk and the cast members found a way to live because all of the green room interviews/confessionals were self-recorded by the cast members from their homes. At the beginning of each episode, a disclaimer about the Covid-19 was aired mentioning that these interviews were self-recorded by the stars for their own and the crew's safety. 

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