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‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’: Akbar calls herself 'Queen of Atlanta', viewers say they never heard her songs

Akbar said back in the day Keisha was a big fan of hers and used to sing praises of her and used to call her a queen
Akbar V (Getty Images)
Akbar V (Getty Images)

When LightSkinKeisha referred to herself as the “Queen of Atlanta”, nobody questioned it except ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ star Akbar V. In fact, Akbar was so triggered by it that she not only questioned Keisha’s title but also declared herself as the Queen of Atlanta. While talking to her friends, Akbar reveals to them that back in the day Keisha was a big fan of hers and used to sing praises of her and used to call her a queen.
Akbar explains that she feels Keisha is coming for the throne, although she is still the queen. When fans heard Akbar calling herself the queen, they began wondering why she would call herself a queen when nobody knows her or heard any of her songs. A fan shared, “I'm sorry but I still have never heard a song from Akbar. Queen of what exactly?? #LHHATL.”

Another fan tweeted, “Why Akbar is tripping over the queen title when she ain’t got a number one hit ATL know about her? T.I. Is the King of ATL & everyone know him. #LHHATL.”


“#LHHATL Akbar be doing a lot of nothing for someone w/ multiple kids. Sis bought a chair from the discount section at Wal-Mart & claiming she’s the queen of ATL,” expressed a fan. “Idk who the “queen of ATL” is but I’m almost sure it’s not Akbar V #LHHATL,” shared a fan. “Akbar said she the queen of Atlanta. Well, I’ve lived in metro-Atlanta my whole life and never heard of her. But I’ve definitely heard @lightskinkeisha #LHHATL,” pointed out a fan.
Fans also felt that Akbar trying to feud Keisha is reminiscent of previous seasons when she always had a beef with any female rapper trying to get her foot into the hip-hop industry. A fan pointed out, “So, last season...Akbar had an issue with Shekina because she dated Akbar’s Ex...when Akbar wasn’t even with him. This season, she’s mad at Keisha because Keisha called herself a queen. What’s next? She’ll beef with a girl who wears the same color lipstick as her?  #LHHATL.”

Another fan wrote, “Akbar still on this show with the same storyline so let me guess you going to hate on every female rapper that’s a  rapper in Atlanta and that’s making music better than yours like  .... girl #LHHATL.”

You can catch ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Season 9 every Monday at 8/7c on VH1.