'MasterChef: Legends' fans say Abe and his 'soupy pie' needed to go home instead of Lexy Rogers

'Wow! Lexy has been eliminated. I understand she played it safe, but I would've sent home soupy pie. #MasterChef,' wrote a fan

                            'MasterChef: Legends' fans say Abe and his 'soupy pie' needed to go home instead of Lexy Rogers
'MasterChef: Legends' contestant Lexy Rogers was eliminated but fans want Abe gone (FOX)

Lexy Rogers has managed to consistently impress the judges on 'MasterChef: Legends' with her impressive culinary skills. After being named as one of the top three chefs in the previous challenge with Roy Choi as the guest judge, Lexy was still feeling pretty good. However, she still had to survive the elimination challenge task to secure her spot on the show.

Up until now, the home cooks were cooking for legendary chefs, but for the latest challenge, the home cooks were tasked with cooking up a dish for the legends from their personal life. When 23-year-old Lexy heard the details of the challenge she immediately announced that she felt very confident of acing the challenge. As a young stay-at-home with a limited food budget, Lexy impressed the judges when she revealed earlier on the season that her family of four's weekly food budget was just $40! So, Lexy decided to go channel in all her southern charm and decided to whip up her husband's favorite dish..


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;MasterChef: Legends' contestant Lexy Rogers (FOX)


Lexy cooked hearty fried chicken wings with sweet potatoes, cornbread, and collard greens. Although Lexy was feeling very confident about her dish, the judges were unfortunately not very impressed with it. They felt that it wasn't restaurant quality and that she played safe with her choice of dish. Gordon Ramsay felt that she should have added a sauce to her dish, while Aaron Sanchez pointed out that the dish was a step backward for her. 

Lexy wasn't the only home cook to get bad feedback from the judges, her fellow home-cook Abe too was subject to criticism from the judges. The 22-year-old cooked Shepherd's Pie with fennel slaw, but unfortunately, the pie wasn't crusty enough and looked kind of soupy. Je Bastianich declared his dish as a "mess" while Aaron felt that although the dish wasn't prepared to perfection the flavors were still great. 

When it was finally time for the judges to announce the name of the homecook who would be going home they called out Lexy's name. Fans were upset on watching Lexy being sent home instead of Abe. A fan tweeted, "Gordon: the masterchef going home is "Lexy" Me: bangs phone on the couch I won't claim racism this time even tho Lexy made chicken wangs.. I accept the loss smh So we couldn't send Mr Entitlement Abe home for that pool of slop. Mmmmhmmmm #masterchef." Another fan wrote, "Lexy?! LEXY?! Abe butchered the shepherd’s pie…and you get rid of LEXY?! #MasterChef." "How in tf did Lexy go home OVER THAT SOGGY A** SHEPARDS PIE?!!! Like what? @MASTERCHEFonFOX #masterchef," commented an angry fan. 




Abe with his Shepherd's Pie on 'MasterChef: Legends' (FOX)


Another fan shared, "Whatever, Masterchef. Lexy didn’t serve y’all Shepherds soup. #masterchef." "Wow! Lexy has been eliminated. I understand she played it safe, but I would've sent home soupy pie. #MasterChef," echoed a fan. Another fan added, "#masterchef first you're absolutely blind with the Tay elimination, and now Lexy? You guys are f***ing blind In all five senses."





'MasterChef:Legends' Season 11 airs every Wednesday at 8/7c on FOX. 

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