'TI & Tiny': LeToya and Tommi work on their marriage troubles, but fans don't trust couple will last long

The couple has been seeking counseling for their marriage and even though their last session drove a wedge between them, they didn't give up on it

                            'TI & Tiny': LeToya and Tommi work on their marriage troubles, but fans don't trust couple will last long

In tonight's episode, we saw LeToya Luckett and Tommicus "Tommi" Walker finally arrive in a good place in their marriage after a long time. The couple was at their relationship counselor's office once again to work out their issues, this, even after the latter bailed on Letoya at the airport at the last minute, two episodes ago. At the time, LeToya had claimed Tommi was being unkind and aggressive toward her, leaving the latter upset. "Right now we are down and getting personal. My wife is throwing stones that shouldn't be thrown right now," he had shared during his green-room interview. However, all that bitterness seemed to go away tonight as the couple once again showed up to their counselor's office hoping for the best for themselves as a couple. 

"You started to express your things in a way that was very unkind. You made me feel abandoned and never really gave a real reason why," said LeToya at the beginning of their session through tears. Hearing this was difficult for Tommi and he was ready to make it right this time and he was vocal about the same. He mentioned that he never intended for LeToya to feel that way. As they advanced into the session, their counselor asked LeToya to list what made her fall in love with Tommi and while revealing the reason, a smile seemed to have appeared on her face, highlighting that not all hope was lost for the couple. She mentioned how she was a ball of nerves right before her first album was about to release and Tommi was by her side every step of the way, supporting her and helping her stay calm. She also added that thinking back to the time when they fell in love makes her fight harder to save their relationship. 

At the end of the emotionally charged counseling session, their counselor asked them to conclude with a minute-long hug, no conversation but just holding each other. Everyone in the cubicle had a hearty laugh after LeToya moved Tommi's hand upward, from her derriere to her lower back. Back at home, the couple continued the conversation and Tommi mentioned that he was going through a tough time and he took out his frustration on LeToya. He apologized for his behavior, telling her that he loves her and she, in turn, felt grateful to have him back and the couple later moved to the bedroom, to celebrate their happiness. 

It all seems happy and chirpy for the couple right now but fans don't believe Tommi to be truthful with his explanation and want LeToya to leave him. "Tommi is an ass and Letoya deserves way better #FamilyHustle," wrote a fan. While another wrote, "Letoya PLEASE LEAVE YA HUSBAND, I can’t watch this baby anymore #FamilyHustle". Another fan wrote, "Tommie looks like he smirking I don’t trust him at all #FamilyHustle".

'TI & Tiny' airs Monday nights on Vh1.

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