'Lethal Weapon': Cole may be dating Julie for now but here's why they won't last forever

Episode 10 'There Will Be Bud' took the relationship between Cole and ADA Erica to a whole new level

                            'Lethal Weapon': Cole may be dating Julie for now but here's why they won't last forever

Spoiler alert for 'Lethal Weapon' episode 10, 'There Will Be Bud'.

After an entire season of watching Cole break his heart every time he saw his ex Natalie, 'Lethal Weapon' has finally given our lead some relief. In the latest episode of the show, we meet Cole's flame Julie and as much as we are happy that he's moving on, there's someone much more perfect for him right under his nose. Episode 10 'There Will Be Bud' took the relationship between Cole and ADA Erica to a whole new level.


Before we get into Cole's love life, let's debunk some myths. Natalie does not get married in this episode unlike what we saw in the teaser. The part in the promo that showed her in a wedding dress getting married to Andrew as Cole barges in dramatically and announces that he cannot let her go ahead with the wedding was all a dream — he's actually seen making out with his new girl Julie in reality. This episode goes very little into their relationship except that he runs into her when she's dress shopping. We also find out that Cole is moving on from the heartbreak for real and is finding ways to let her be happy as well.


As for the crime this episode, the LAPD tries to solve the murder of a weed dealer, who is found hanging in a truck with his throat slit open by a pair of gardening shears. It so happens that Erica's team is also interested in the case and the two get on with the crime-solving together. At the other end of the spectrum, Trish and Leo Getz start working on a case against a Fortune 500 company and realize their witness has connections in the murder case as well. While the crime is grizzly, this case really shines in the way it brings all the characters of the storyline together. Overall, it's a pretty heartwarming episode.


Coming back to Julie, we know literally nothing about this character. Is she a serial killer? Is she a crossover from 'Supernatural'? We don't know. In fact, we don't even her last name. As for her backstory, we've been told that Cole picked her up from a bar the previous night and that she happens to be Erica's roommate. Erica also tells Cole later that she's recently had her heart broken and doesn't need the mess that Cole is in her life right now. She's right — and that makes her so right for Cole.


Played by actress Hayley Strode, Julie reminds us a lot of DEA Agent Karen Palmer from season two. Palmer was the love interest of late LAPD detective Martin Riggs.

Although it looked like the two were heading somewhere in the beginning, they ended up parting ways and it broke Palmer's heart. At the time, Riggs was in love with his dead ex-wife and Palmer turned out to be just a temporary band-aid. We really think that Julie will be nothing more to Cole. It is too early to say who she is as a person, but she is definitely very willing and open to Cole. He, on the other hand, is still hungover Natalie in some ways and it doesn't look like Julie knows it yet.

This episode was proof that Erica and Cole have officially become friends and while they may deny all they want — there are a lot of sparks there.

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