'Lethal Weapon': Seann William Scott is caught in a battle he didn't start, and it's totally unfair

Seann William Scott has shown immense potential not just for his character Wesley Cole but also for the entire show, and he could take the show places if only fans would move on

                            'Lethal Weapon': Seann William Scott is caught in a battle he didn't start, and it's totally unfair

The year is about to come to an end but the 'Lethal Weapon' drama is showing no signs of slowing down. Clayne Crawford's scorned fans are still rallying for his return, but the show and its network, Fox, are adamant and standing by their decision. Damon Wayans, once a celebrated part of the television adaptation, has become the face of evil to fans.

They already believed that he sabotaged Crawford because of an ego clash and he made matters worse when he announced he was quitting the show. While all three are definitely part of the narrative of the 'Lethal Weapon' controversy, there's one innocent man who is taking the fall for it — Seann William Scott.


Seann William Scott came onboard the Fox show in its current season, season 3. After Crawford's character Martin Riggs was killed off in the second season, Scott was brought in to replace Riggs as ex CIA agent turned LAPD detective Wesley Cole. 'Lethal Weapon' was smart about the character replacement too, perhaps fearing that a carbon copy may spark outrage, and Scott's character is nothing like Riggs. Unfortunately, this move didn't work out euther. Fans still refused to watch the show and refused to move on. There were also doubts surrounding the casting choice — after all, Scott had been known as Stifler for most of his career.

Thankfully, this cloud of apprehension was put to rest when the season premiered on September 25, 2018. Scott shined in his new role and, to be honest, has been the only redeeming factor for the season to date. Among raving reviews, great ratings and a higher viewership than the last season's finale, it felt like there was a possibility that we could all move on from what happened — it looked like Scott could miraculously save this sinking ship.

He did save the show in many ways. It isn't easy to replace a much-loved lead and own it but he did that comfortably. Scott, right from the first episode 'In the Same Boat', seemed like he belonged on the sets of the show. The story arc was much more action-packed and, we dare say, more enjoyable than ever. 


The season is currently off on fall break and, when it returns, it will come back with the tenth episode of the season 3 roster. Originally ordered with just 13 episodes, the show got two more episodes in October. It may be safe to assume that the extension was because the showrunners did not give up on the show because they still had faith that Scott would somehow turn things around. He really did bring back the lethal in 'Lethal Weapon' —  especially with 'Panama'.

Scott was absolutely fantastic, and for the first time in a long time, 'Lethal Weapon' finally had got its mojo back. Twitter was flooded with appreciation for Scott's performance as Cole. In fact, fans love it so much, they demanded a prequel from the showrunners that featured Scott and ex-lead Clayne Crawford. While a prequel may be far-fetched and next to impossible, there is no denying that 'Lethal Weapon' with Scott as the lead can definitely go places.

However, the drama is still on. The fandom has reached a point where they want to bid the show farewell — simply because they cannot let go of what happened. The fact that the cast of 'Lethal Weapon' keeps bringing it up making fans feel like they are desperately trying to sweep the whole thing under the rug isn't helping the situation either. In all honesty, it would totally make sense if the showrunners did decide to end the show.


'Lethal Weapon' has had a pretty fruitful run and has given us some great action. It does seem unnecessary trouble for the showrunners to continue with criticism coming in from all four corners even when they have tried to find their footing with Scott. While Crawford's sacking may be arguable to fans, the reaction to everything else that has happened later with the show is not. It's been a really good season so far and you can tell that the showrunners have put an extra effort into making things work. 

After Cole's character establishment in the first couple of episodes, you can see the difference in 'Lethal Weapon's writing, character arc, and direction in general. Unlike the past two seasons, for the first time ever, this season has had multiple crime storylines running and most of the time, it has everything to do with Cole. In both 'Panama' and 'Bali', Scott showed immense potential not just for his character, but also for the entire show. He could take this show places if only fans would move on.

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