'Lethal Weapon': Fans want the buddy cop drama to be picked up by The CW after Damon Wayans exits

Fan followers think that the best way forward for their beloved buddy cop drama 'Lethal Weapon' would be to change networks

                            'Lethal Weapon': Fans want the buddy cop drama to be picked up by The CW after Damon Wayans exits

After Damon Wayans' announcement to quit 'Lethal Weapon' made headlines, fans have been worried about the future of the show. Although it is yet to be confirmed if he is actually quitting, Wayans did seem pretty sure about his decision, saying that he was getting too old to be working on the show. If he does quit, it would be the second lead exit for 'Lethal Weapon' after Clayne Crawford was fired in May, earlier this year. 

Crawford's exit itself had put a lot of strain on the show's fandom, who felt that 'Lethal weapon' had lost its edge. With Wayans' possible exit, it leaves the show's future in a bigger cloud of doubt. Fans think that the best way forward for their beloved buddy cop drama would be to change networks. 'Lethal Weapon' is currently aired by Fox and produced by Warner Brothers.

"Given the show's future is up in the air, plus all the brouhaha surrounding the Disney/Fox merger, I think Fox should cancel the show," said Redditor cbrich suggesting that another TV biggie should pick it up. "I think Fox should cancel 'Lethal Weapon', but given Warner Brothers Television produces the show I think they should pick it up and put it on The CW."


The CW, in the past, had catered mostly to female audiences with dramas like 'One Tree Hill', 'Gossip Girl' and '90210' which were typically teen dramas that focused on the life of the rich and the famous.

However, in recent years, it's audience has expanded to the much wider demographic — teens and young adults with shows like 'Legacies', 'Arrow', 'Riverdale', 'The Flash and 'All American' and family oriented shows with an older age group like 'Jane the Virgin', 'Black Lightning' and 'Supernatural'.

Another fan said, echoing similar sentiments, "LW would fit right in with The CW's roster of shows. Like this would also be a good gap for the network to experiment with a show like LW that is action — it would be a good change in the middle of all these superhero shows. Plus, the viewer group that enjoys shows like 'Black Lightning' would totally like to see stuff like this."

"I think the show would benefit from shifting to a slightly younger target audience but not the typical audience that The CW goes for, maybe the 25-35 range. With Murtaugh leaving, I feel a lot of older viewers will jump ship much like when a lot of fans stopped watching after Season 2 who didn't think the show would feel the same way after Riggs left," noted the fan. 

When Martin Riggs, Crawford's character made his exit on 'Lethal Weapon' the fandom threatened to stop watching the show. It is totally possible that it would be the same way if Wayans quits. Roger Murtaugh, Wayans' character on 'Lethal Weapon' has always appealed to the relatively older audience. He was typically associated with being the father figure in the detective duo. Even in the new season, with fresh lead Seann William Scott, this appeal has remained constant.

"With Cole being the only main protagonist left (after this season) and the fact that he's about a decade younger than Murtaugh, I think the show should shift to reflect that whether it continues on Fox or is picked up by another network. I think The CW would be the perfect network for it to end up at," the fan said, "I think if Fox made the decision to cancel 'Lethal Weapon', Warner Bros and The CW would be dumb to pass this opportunity up if it ever arose." 

Fox has let go of a couple of their most popular shows at the time when the Fox/Disney acquisition was announced earlier this year. Shows like 'Lucifer' and 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' both of which brought in most of their views were canceled by Fox and picked up by other networks — Netflix and NBC respectively.