'Let the Right One In' on Showtime: What day and time will the show release? And everything else you need to know

'Let the Right One In' on Showtime: What day and time will the show release? And everything else you need to know
Demien Bichir (Mark) and Madison Taylor Baez (Eleanor) in 'Let the Right One In' (Showtime)

If you are a fan of stories based on folklore about vampires, then Showtime is coming up with a new show that will give viewers a unique perspective on the fictional creature. Titled ‘Let the Right One In’, the series is based on the novel of the same name by Swedish writer John Ajvide Lindqvist. The show primarily focuses on the lives of two people – Mark and his kid Eleanor – and how their lives are changed when Mark finds out that his daughter has turned into a vampire.

Eleanor gets frozen in time at the age of 12 and lives a life that’s not happening at all. However, the duo makes the plan to return to New York City to find the cure and even though Mark does everything to provide her human blood she needs to stay alive, Eleanor is now getting desperate to go out there and live normally as other kids do.
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A still from 'Let the Right One In' (Showtime)
A still from 'Let the Right One In' (Showtime)


Although the story looks intriguing, ‘Let the Right One In’ would have to give some new and fresh viewers in this sub-genre so that they are glued to their screens. Here’s everything we know about the show.

When does ‘Let the Right One In’ release?

The first episode of the upcoming series will be premiering exclusively on Sunday, October 9, at 10 pm EST.

How can you watch ‘Let the Right One In’?

The series will premiere exclusively on Showtime and viewers can download the app from Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Showtime is also available on Amazon Prime, AT&T TV, fuboTV, Hulu, Sling TV, The Roku Channel, and YouTube TV.



Who’s acting in Showtime’s ‘Let the Right One In’?

The series sees Demian Bichir playing the role of Mark while Madison Taylor Baez will be portraying the character of Eleanor, the young girl who has spent the last decade as a vampire.

Other actors to feature in the series include Grace Gummer (Claire Logan), Anika Noni Rose (Naomi Cole), Nick Stahl (Matthew Logan), Kevin Carroll (Zeke Dawes), Caroline Neff (Danielle Wilson), Zejko Ivanek (Arthur Logan), and Fernanda Andrade (Elizabeth Kane).



What is the plot of ‘Let the Right One In’?

The official synopsis reads, “Mark and his daughter Eleanor’s lives were changed forever 10 years earlier when she was turned into a vampire. Seemingly frozen in time at the age of 12, Eleanor has lived a closed-in life, able to go out only at night, while her father does his best to provide her with the human blood she needs to stay alive. Now they’ve returned home to New York City, desperate to find a cure. Inspired by the acclaimed Swedish novel and film, their emotionally charged and terrifying story turns a naturalistic lens on human frailty, strength, and compassion.”

What is the latest buzz around Showtime’s psychological horror drama?

It was recently revealed that the series was originally scheduled to come out several years ago and was originally being developed for A&E before moving to TNT. Even though TNT ordered a pilot and the cast was finalized as well, the show never got made and eventually landed at Showtime. It will be interesting to see how much closer this adaptation is to the source material.



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