'Lies Beneath the Surface' on LMN: How Lelia Symington went from catering events to fulfilling her LA dream

'Lies Beneath the Surface' on LMN: How Lelia Symington went from catering events to fulfilling her LA dream
Lelia Symington will be seen playing Hanna in 'Lies Beneath the Surface'(Instagram/leliaskips)

Lelia Symington describes herself on her website as "your warrior princess next door." She also reveals that she is a "bi-coastal actor, singer, and voiceover artist." You will soon see her in the Lifetime thriller film 'Lies Beneath the Surface,' which will be released on August 5, alongside 'Foreclosure' star Michael Perl.

'Lies Beneath the Surface,' a Lifetime thriller, will premiere on the network on Friday, August 5, 2022. The narrative follows a mother, who is anxious about the safety of her family in a secluded place. Lelia Symington will play the female protagonist Hanna. The film's synopsis says, "Hanna is kayaking by herself in a remote lake when she notices some suspicious activity at a nearby cabin, believing the woman and her daughter staying there may be in danger. After the authorities find nothing unusual and brush Hanna off, she looks in on the family herself and it sets off a deadly cat-and-mouse game of survival." It will be intriguing to watch how Symington performs in this thriller.


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What was Lelia Symington's first movie?

Lelia Symington's stage debut was as the Major General in Gilbert and Sullivan's 'Pirates of Penzance' at the age of five, and she's been working ever since. She moved to Los Angeles after graduating from NYU with a Drama and History degree and began her professional career. Her recent features include Fox Searchlight's 'Battle of the Sexes' and the Lynyrd Skynyrd biopic 'Street Survivor.' She recently starred as Hanna in the Lifetime Thriller 'Lies Beneath the Surface.' She found her love of voice work with her father, and the two of them can be "seen wandering through Van Nuys with a different accent for each block, much to the chagrin of onlookers," says her online bio. In her spare time, she enjoys singing jazz and mountain climbing. She speaks French well, has visited 26 countries, and once biked 750 kilometers around Nova Scotia! Lelia grew up singing and practicing accents, so she has built-in accent library ready to go. She worked in an Off-Broadway Shakespeare repertory group in college and liked historical plays in general. 

Since relocating to Los Angeles, Lelia has been in multiple feature films and award-winning short films, as well as providing narration for an animated series, theatre, and television. Lelia knew she wanted to be a part of meaningful projects as a storyteller, performer, and attack survivor. Lelia formerly was a "Laner" with the specialized event staffing agency Mustard Lane in New York City. Her first event was with Fremont Blue Events, that curated an amazing brunch for CALIA by Carrie Underwood.

Who is Lelia Symington's spouse?

After three weddings were postponed due to the pandemic, Lelia Symington and her boyfriend of six years, fellow actor Chase Mullins, said "I DO" in a close-knit ceremony in April 2021. They did, however, hold a celebration with the couple's friends and family in a Camp in California in June 2022. They walked down the aisle again for their loved ones who were unable to attend their initial wedding owing to the ongoing pandemic. The duo previously collaborated on two films: 'Shame,' which was released in 2018, and 'Brut Force,' which was released earlier this year.


What is Lelia Symington's net worth?

Lelia Symington's net worth in 2022 is still unknown. Her net worth, however, would include the earnings from appearing in five notable feature films and a few short films.

On Lifetime on Friday, August 5, 2022, at 8 pm ET, don't miss Lelia in 'Lies Beneath the Surface.'

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