'Lego Masters' Episode 2 Preview: Contestants watch as their masterpieces are smashed in slow motion

'Lego Masters' Episode 2 Preview: Contestants watch as their masterpieces are smashed in slow motion
Tyler and Amy Clites (Fox)

You saw the contestants building a dream theme park out of Lego in the first episode of 'Lego Masters'. It was an exciting nail-biting contest, and the contestants were brimming with creativity.

One team built a space-themed amusement park, another tried 'Timber Town', and there was one called 'Sugar Hill'. No doubt that these creations were wildly innovative, even if there were glitches in a few.

The contestants worked hard to get their machinery right and took calculated risks that didn't pay off in many cases, sadly. For instance, a rollercoaster in one of the parks stopped halfway.

The team of Christian Cowgill and Aaron Newman, who built the space-themed park, won the Golden Brick, which grants them immunity in the next episode. The first episode was more of a trial and no one went home.

However, in the second episode, they won't be so lucky. The winner of each episode will head towards the grand finale, where the winning team of builders will be rewarded with a staggering cash prize and the title of Lego Master.



In Episode 2, watch them compete with each other for a space-theme build, and then smash it in slow motion. 'The Big Bang Theory' star Mayim Bialik will be judging the lego creations.

The official synopsis reads: "Each duo must create a space-themed build, the creations must impress the judges when they are smashed in slow motion. Mayim Bialik guest judges." This sounds quite tricky and complicated and the contestants will have to use every ounce of creativity and skill to get this right.

Fox's 'Lego Masters' premiered on February 5. The show is hosted by Will Arnett and the two judges are LEGO design leads Jamie Berard and Amy Corbett.


While the show is new for American audiences, it has been running in the United Kingdom since 2017 and has two seasons. An Australian version of the reality show debuted in 2019 and a Dutch one is said to follow suit.

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