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'Legendary' on HBO Max: Eyricka Lanvin shades the House of Escada and Balmain, calls them 'ballroom virgins'

Will the megahouse LaGorgeous be the ones to defeat the BalScada's or will they be left at the bottom?
(HBO Max)
(HBO Max)

It's not just Law Roach who's shouldering the responsibility of throwing shade on 'Legendary' anymore. The show that is inspired by ballroom culture has been on the air for six weeks and sees the participation of some of the biggest and most notable names from the ballroom scene. Over the course of seven episodes that have already aired, viewers have seen mild rivalries between the houses that are fiercely competitive. However, everything changed in the semifinal episode that will air at midnight on Thursday, July 9, 2020.

Before the commencement of the previous ball titled 'Capes and Tights', it was announced that even though there would be no eliminations, the house that emerges superior will have a special power bestowed upon them. At the end of the episode, House of Lanvin was awarded the Superior House trophy for the fifth time. Ballroom icon, Dashaun Wesley, who hosts the show announced that Mother Eyricka Lanvin has the power to choose one house that she'd like to pair up with for the semifinal episode, to battle the remaining two houses who'd form another unit. Apart from the Lanvin's, House of Gorgeous Gucci, Balmain and Escada still remain standing in the competition and the onus now lay with Eyricka to choose one among them. In a dramatic fashion, she pointed to Father Jamari Balmain saying, "You'll are good but I wanna battle ya'll," and chose Gorgeous Gucci. This was the time where LaGorgeous was born and the Balmain's and Escada's teamed up as BalScada to form another megahouse, ready to put up an equal challenge. 

In the teaser that HBO Max has released for the upcoming episode, viewers now know that one of the categories features participation by all four house parents - Eyricka, Jarrell Gucci, London Escada, and Jamari. Judging by the looks of all of them, we are guessing the category requires them to bring in their best fashion to the runway with a twist of bizarre. We also see Eyricka calling her rival megahouse "virgins" while a visibly horrified London looked on. The latter also went live on his Instagram page to address the situation but stopped midway as the episode is yet to be aired. 

Will the megahouse LaGorgeous be the ones to defeat the BalScada's or will they be left at the bottom? From the trailer, we also see Makaylah Lanvin run up a wall, and judging from the past, she only pulls out such stunts when she's tasked with saving her house from elimination. To find out what happens, tune in to the episode tomorrow only on HBO Max.