'Legendary' on HBO Max: Law Roach and Leiomy's tiff over fashion aesthetics leaves Jameela Jamil shocked

Tensions were soaring in the ballroom leaving everyone including Jameela shocked

                            'Legendary' on HBO Max: Law Roach and Leiomy's tiff over fashion aesthetics leaves Jameela Jamil shocked
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The claws came out in the ballroom between judges Leiomy Maldonado and Law Roach in the sixth episode of 'Legendary'. The theme for the episode was 'Intergalactica'. 

It all started with the commencement of the second category of the evening which required houses to marry avant-garde fashion with bizarre elements and bring it to the stage. The disagreement between Leiomy who is also known to the world as the 'wonder woman of voguing' and celebrity stylist Law Roach reached an all-new high, with shots being fired from both ends. 

Fashion was a major emphasis in that particular category and House of Balmain failed to impress Roach, this time. The entire studio audience booed the latter when he said, "The look was very Japanese but I am still f*****g bored". Roach later went after the audience and stood his ground saying, "Let me tell you one more thing you can boo all you want but this check is still going to be cashed." 

He later said, "No shade. I am going to give you my opinion about what I feel about the fashion and if I am not here for it, I am not here for it." Leiomy, on the other hand, said that she loved the performance which prompted Roach to weigh in once again about how unexcited he was about the fashion. " What I am here is to give you my expertise and I have sat at all (fashion) shows around the world, front row and I am here today and I am not excited." 

Leiomy once again explained to him that that the category was bizarre and that "bizarre comes from ballroom and ballroom is the reason why there is so much magic around the world. Whether its fashion whether its the industry with hip hop, its because of ballroom." Roach countered this with, "I am one of the highest-paid, one of the most successful stylists in the world and I aspired..." he was interrupted mid-sentence by Leiomy who said that resumes are not what is needed on the show and it's just a piece of paper.

Tensions were running very high in the ballroom and Roach was determined to present his opinions despite not having anyone in agreement with him over his statements. He asked to finish his sentence and revealed the reason he chose to get into fashion was because of ballroom and ended it with, "you know what? I still said what I said."Jameela Jamil who is also on the judging panel of the show was watching this argument with a dropped jaw. Later on, she was heard asking Roach, "Are you on your period? whats going on? "

A new episode of 'Legendary' premieres on HBO Max, every Thursday. 

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