'Legendary': Makaylah Lanvin recreates iconic jump over Honey Balenciaga's head, who will win the battle?

Makaylah and Honey's battle from the Latex Ball is one for the books and a still from it is also the opening shot of the pilot episode of 'Legendary'

                            'Legendary': Makaylah Lanvin recreates iconic jump over Honey Balenciaga's head, who will win the battle?
Makaylah Lanvin and Honey Balenciaga (HBO Max)

'Legendary' Episode 7 will see Makaylah Lanvin and Honey Balenciaga recreating their iconic battle from the Latex Ball 2019. Makaylah even incorporated that overhead jump that had caused a thundering roar and multiple cheers in the ballroom last year. Honey came out victorious in that battle, but will Makaylah redeem herself? 

The faceoff happens towards the end of the episode in the fourth category. Lanvin, Balmain, Escada and Gorgeous Gucci are the houses that are still standing in the competition. This episode is a Moneyball with $25,000 up for grabs. The winner from each category were required to battle with a supervillain to defend the cash prize. The winner of the first category was Father Jamari Balmain and he had to battle it with a supervillain, Shorty Ebony. For the second category, winner Carlos Lanvin went head to head with The Beast aka Monster from House of 007 in an epic showdown with both of them displaying unbelievable arm control.

Mother Eyricka Lanvin, who is known for her fashion choices, won the third category and challenging her claim to the $5,000 was Champ St Laurent. The battles were really explosive with participating members leaving it all on the floor to defend their prize money. The supervillains came equally prepared and charged to snatch the prizes for themselves and everyone present in the ballroom were in really high spirits after watching these high-octane battles. 

For the final category called 'Wonder Twin Power', each house was required to send a pair of superheroes to serve and protect their legacy. Makaylah and Packrat Lanvin defeated the other houses to win this category and now it was time for the most exciting final battle. Supervillains Honey Balenciaga and Lolita Leopard were summoned to the stage for this epic war, at the end of which lied a cash prize of a whopping $10,000. The last ball saw Makaylah Lanvin jumping out of the egg and later she went on to do multiple backflips in stripper heels. This resulted in a pulled muscle but she said she was prepared to keep "walking and pumping" for her house. Honey and Makaylah both had their fierce face on and indulged in a little on-stage reading session. 

Will Makaylah finally be able to redeem herself this time in the battle against Honey? Tune in to the episode to find out.

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