'Legacies': Sorry y'all, Lizzie and MG may not be getting together anytime soon

Milton Greasely and Lizzie Saltzman may have to wait before they get together, if they make it out alive, and here's why

                            'Legacies': Sorry y'all, Lizzie and MG may not be getting together anytime soon

Everyone loves a good love story, but if you know anything about successful relationships in 'The Vampire Diaries/The Originals' universe, you know just how hard they are to come by. There are no true happily ever afters in these vampire shows Julie Plec is a part of. Every single love affair is always overshadowed by sacrifice and tragedy.

We know 'Legacies' has been considerably different in many ways as compared to its two predecessors - they are younger, less dark and much less painful. However, it is unlikely that in terms of love, the show will change its pattern anytime soon which means Milton Greasley (MG) and Lizzie Saltzman have a long way to go - alone.


We are halfway through the season and Lizzie and MG's love story has already seen quite a bit of turbulence. In the first episode, we saw how much MG wanted to impress her and who can blame him? Lizzie is super attractive at first glance.

Lizzie's 'It girl' persona drove MG towards her like a moth to a flame and MG got his heart broken. He didn't realize at the time Lizzie wasn't really ready for his love. In fact, she didn't even see him as a potential dating candidate. He was the guy who followed her like a puppy and got really happy every time she threw him a glance.

She ignored him, humiliated him and treated him like he wasn't good enough for her, right from the beginning. She only started paying minor attention to him after the game with Mystic High and that too, it was only because Dana Lilien showed interest in him.

To Lizzie, he was her ego boost, something she didn't want to lose to a human like Dana. However, all this time, MG was madly in love with her - so much so he couldn't kiss Dana without feeling guilty even though he wanted to do it as revenge for Lizzie's snarky remarks.


Things changed after Lizzie was ditched by Raphael for her birthday dance and MG swooped in to save her from embarrassment. While this seemed like a smooth move to Lizzie, MG had actually been planning this all along. It was his one true shot, as his friend Penelope Park put it. He made her feel incredibly special until Raphael showed up and rained on his parade.

Instead of doing the right thing, Lizzie left MG alone on the dance floor and went ahead with Raph as though nothing had ever happened. It was not like Lizzie was in love with Raph, mind you, it was simply because he looked better than MG on her arm since he was the newly crowned Alpha. This was the turning point for MG - he had had enough.


After that public humiliation, MG hasn't been focused on Lizzie - he's busy being a Ripper and learning new spells. Lizzie, on the other hand, hasn't even realized she broke his heart and is pretty much back to her self-indulgence. She's also caught up with what happened with Raphael, who broke it off with her after the dance night saying, he still loves his ex.

Until these two characters reach a point where they can be on the same page, their reunion is impossible. Since the show has hinted at MG's Ripper characteristics going ballistic, there's a slim chance Lizzie and MG will make-up anytime soon.

There's a possibility, however, they will eventually meet and their romance will last - quite like Freya Mikaelson and Keelin in 'The Originals'. There is a greater chance this will be the romance that spells doom for Lizzie's character and she goes off the deep end. It would totally make sense in terms of the story arc because with the Merge coming soon, we do need a Kai Parker back into the picture. It doesn't look good for these two at all.

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