'Legacies' Season 2 Fall Finale reveals who one of the red-hooded figures is

'Legacies' Season 2 Fall Finale reveals who one of the red-hooded figures is

This week, the fall finale of the second season of 'Legacies' aired on The CW and it was completely on theme for the season. Though it is October in the show's timeline, a new monster is spreading Christmas cheer in Mystic Falls -- complete with snow, decorations, songs, and more.

Since the only other miserable person Hope could work with (Lizzie) is sent on a mission to protect Landon, Hope chooses to work with Clarke -- who is looking like Clarke again with the help of a spell cast by Hope.

Clarke, being the multi-faced person-thing that he is, asks Hope to help him partake in Christmas celebrations before he can help her. But then, once he reveals that the monster is the Krampus, he requests something from it -- a savior, telling Hope that the monster will go for Clarke instead of Landon.

But of course, in Mystic Falls, nothing goes as planned -- not even for the bad guys. And so when the Krampus finally shows up, he takes out a sickle from his bag instead of the trident that Clarke asked for. But that's not all -- the Krampus attacks Clarke, and thankfully for Clarke, Hope shows up just in time to save him. 


Meanwhile, the students and faculty of the Salvatore School team up to catch the monster -- which Alaric shoots with a crossbow. The monster is dead, but the Christmas cheer is still alive, leading Hope to remind them that there's still something wrong.

Hope is not feeling the Christmas spirit this year on 'Legacies' (The CW)


That's when Krampus's sack wiggles and what looks like an actual Santa steps out, much to everybody's surprise and this time, even Hope is filled with the cheer. But the Krampus is not dead yet, so cue a Santa vs Krampus fight that is accompanied by the perfect Christmas song for the scene. Of course, Santa manages to kill the Krampus by stabbing it with the sickle and taking out its small heart.

Clarke gives Hope a call before he goes into the pit and reveals that he was jealous of her -- he admits she is just as screwed up as he is, but she has people that love her. If Clarke is really gone, we would certainly miss Nick Fink on our screens.


Just as Clarke walks to the portal, the red-hooded figure comes up behind him and beheads him and takes off its hood. We were right in that the person under the hood is someone we have always known, but we could have never guessed that it was the Necromancer from Season 1.

What would this mean for the remainder of the season? Is the Necromancer still working on the behalf of Malivore or is there a bigger, more sinister entity behind him? Even so, how was the Necromancer able to perform magic or was that the second red-hooded figure that is still unknown?

Whatever the case, 'Legacies' has a lot of questions to answer when it returns with new episodes to The CW on January 16th, 2020.


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